homecoming 2014…

getting ready…

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making plans. ha…

IMG_1659-1 IMG_1662-1

of course Sophia needed some pretty lipstick too. a big sisters job is never done…

IMG_1709 IMG_1705


IMG_1715 IMG_1716

Sophia wanted to hold onto the lipstick. they have this thing where if she wants something Mikayla asks her to promise to take care of it & Sophia says “pinky promise” & then they shake pinkies, it is too cute. Sophia pinky promised & then about 8:00 that night Sophia came out of her room with that lipstick all over her face & hands & IN her mouth. we need to work on our “pinky promises”…

IMG_1717 IMG_1720 IMG_1722

of course we had to get some pics with Jalyn, these two have been friends for almost 9 years now & they truly are like sisters. Mikayla’s friend Jen came over with her boyfriend for a few pics too…

IMG_1740-1 IMG_1806-1 IMG_1804 IMG_1790 IMG_1807

IMG_1883 IMG_1907 IMG_1909 IMG_1916 IMG_1928 IMG_1924 IMG_1903


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Sophia didn’t want to be in any pictures but Mikayla just threw out some tears & that worked…

IMG_1830 IMG_1831 IMG_1834 IMG_1835 IMG_1840 IMG_1844 IMG_1855 IMG_1859 IMG_1863 IMG_1865 IMG_1869 IMG_1856 IMG_1867 IMG_1876

going to Brianna (juma’s) house for pics with the group she was going to the dance with. love these kids…

IMG_1975 IMG_1986 IMG_1994

so yah, first time going with a date. first time pinning a flower on her date. first time getting a corsage from her date. first time introducing a boy to her mom.

she was nervous, he was nervous & it was about the cutest thing I have ever seen. the only thing missing was shane, he would have loved to have been there for this moment.

IMG_2003-1 IMG_2000-1 IMG_2005-1 IMG_2008-1 IMG_2006-1 IMG_2007-1 IMG_1998 IMG_2011 IMG_2019-1

IMG_2012-1 IMG_2013-1 IMG_2038-1

blurry, I know  but I love it…

IMG_2062-1 IMG_2051-1 IMG_2036-1 IMG_2039-1 IMG_2111-1 IMG_2108-1 IMG_2128-1 IMG_2098-1 IMG_2152-1 IMG_2155-1 IMG_2131-1 IMG_2157-1 IMG_2159-1 IMG_2058 IMG_2059 IMG_2046 IMG_2047 IMG_2048 IMG_2050 IMG_2027 IMG_2086-1 IMG_2072-1 IMG_2140 IMG_2088 IMG_2092 IMG_2094

they were all so excited.

everyone went inside for some pizza & Gabe had put on his letter jacket I asked him & mik to go back outside for a few more photos. it was getting pretty chilly & Gabe gave his coat to Mikayla (after he was complaining about how cold it was & mik & I were giving him crap. ha)

but still, it was the sweetest thing…

IMG_2199 IMG_2193 IMG_2178 IMG_2176 IMG_2180 IMG_2181 IMG_2187 IMG_2196 IMG_2175

i feel like i could write 1,000 words about this night & the weeks leading up to this night. but i won’t. i will just say that i am so happy that Mikayla & her friends had such a great time. when it comes right down to it they are a great group of young adults. through the days leading up to this Mikayla & i had some great conversations that i know i will always remember & i hope that she does too.

i know that she will remember these times for the rest of her life & it makes me so grateful that she will have these great memories.

love you mik.

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