I posted one of these on instagram & I wrote, sometimes life seems so chaotic to me & then I look up…

it is true. for me. if I can just look up & see all the good, everything makes sense to me again.

sometimes it feels like I wish I could go back & change things. small things, big things, moments, years. things with my children, with my husband, with my parents, with me. we all know that isn’t possible & when I look up I see that that is how it was designed & that is ok. we live & we learn. maybe that is what the sunset & sunrise are for. to end one day & begin again the next. make that choice to see what we would have done differently & do it differently today. or what we want to do the same.

I am in love with the sunset. I am in love with the light it casts, how it feels on my face, how it makes us both smile.


IMG_4035-1 IMG_4034-1 IMG_4031-1 IMG_4195-1 IMG_4095-1 IMG_4203-1 IMG_4080-1 IMG_4059-1 IMG_4046-1 IMG_4102-1 IMG_4100-1 IMG_4200-1 IMG_4152-1 IMG_4099-1 IMG_4098-1 IMG_4181-1

my favorite…


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