I have a lot of work to do to finish people’s photos right now (not complaining!!) its just I should be finishing that not writing this post but the dust has settled & I think I am finally able to do this.

jarred moved out of the house last week. it has been coming for awhile, I knew it & he knew it. for the past few months it felt like we were stuck in limbo. halfway between his teenage self & his adult self. me half way between rules & curfews & letting go. that is not an easy place to live in. at least not for me.

the way it happened is not what I envisioned. you know, your kids are 14-15-16 & you still have that vision of moving them all nice & neat into an apartment & they are just magically responsible & ready & you hug at the door & everything is perfect. yep, that was the vision in my head. I know, ridiculous. I bet that it actually happens that way sometimes but no, not for us.

it hurt & I was hurt & he was hurt & angry & we had pushed eachother each into our own corners & we both came out swinging.

I cried all week last week. because I felt like all those years. the last 18 years had just led up to this horrible moment where he grabbed a few things & drove away angry. how could 18 years all lead up to one horrible moment like that??

then I calmed down. I had a few days to think & I realized that we just turned a page. we didn’t finish the book.

here’s to turning pages, starting new chapters, believing in the future & always being a family.

love you to the moon & back Jarred Haven Truskoff.


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