zoo free day…

for the past few years our zoo has had a “family free day” which is awesome. we have gone the past three years, last year it was me, jarred, Mikayla, Sophia & jarred’s friend & when we were on our way there we came up to the zoo exit & saw the traffic backed up all the way on to the interstate so we didn’t actually go, but we tried. we went downtown & shopped thrift stores instead. ha.
I talked Shane & Mikayla into trying it again with me this year & it really wasn’t too crowded when we first got there but by the time we left it was pretty insane busy.

I love that the zoo does this every year…


IMG_2860-1 IMG_2877-1

IMG_2754-1 IMG_2770-1 IMG_2828-1 IMG_2827-1 IMG_2813-1 IMG_2826-1


IMG_2924-1 IMG_2887-1 IMG_2909-1 IMG_2916-1 IMG_2922-1 IMG_2766-1 IMG_2896-1 IMG_2898-1 IMG_2935-1

I think my favorite part of the zoo were these Kaneko sculptures, I hope I am spelling his name right.?? I learned about this artist from my mom & her & I have checked out a lot of his sculptures that are in Omaha. I really think it is so cool that an artist like this has chosen to live & create here in Omaha…

IMG_2950-1 IMG_2951-1 IMG_2955-1 IMG_2959-1 IMG_2960-1 IMG_2962-1 IMG_2984-1 IMG_2986-1
Sophia’s favorite part of the zoo this year was definitely the carousel. it was her first time riding on one & she is for sure a fan!! love my cute girlies laughing on this thing. when Sophia started yelling daddy & waving to her dad as we would spin by him, that was just too sweet…

IMG_2993-1 IMG_3000-1 IMG_3004-1 IMG_3006-1 IMG_3018-1 IMG_3028-1 IMG_3034-1 IMG_3042-1 IMG_3047-1 IMG_3044-1 IMG_3049-1 IMG_3050-1 IMG_3051-1 IMG_3052-1 IMG_3059-1 IMG_3056-1 IMG_3001-1 IMG_3003-1 IMG_3009-1 IMG_3014-1 IMG_3024-1 IMG_3026-1 IMG_3029-1

IMG_3066-1 IMG_3065-1 IMG_3083-1

and Sophia’s second favorite… the goats. so funny to me. I love how simple it is when you are three.

IMG_3132-1 IMG_3136-1 IMG_3137-1 IMG_3141-1 IMG_3146-1 IMG_3138-1

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