snow day…

Saturday was the first real snow day. I love snow days. I love keeping busy on projects at home, making a yummy dinner, basically hibernating. ha. this day we decided to get out & enjoy the snow for awhile…


IMG_3626-1 IMG_3619-1 IMG_3613-1 IMG_3549-1 IMG_3565-1 IMG_3611-1 IMG_3610-1 IMG_3606-1 IMG_3568-1 IMG_3693-1 IMG_3735-1 IMG_3736-1 IMG_3673-1 IMG_3670-1 IMG_3575-1 IMG_3583-1 IMG_3595-1 IMG_3571-1 IMG_3731-1 IMG_3745-1 IMG_3771-1 IMG_3783-1 IMG_3692-1 IMG_3824-2 IMG_3822-1 IMG_3694-1 IMG_3671-1 IMG_3618-1 IMG_3667-1 IMG_3663-1 IMG_3648-1 IMG_3647-1 IMG_3804-1

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