last week of November…

I feel like I looked up yesterday & it was almost the end of November already. how did this happen??!!  I guess we have been busy, our family has been going thru some changes & i’m just trying to take it all in…

last Saturday was snowy & cold. after we played in the snow & dropped Mikayla at a friend’s house, Sophia & I watched a movie in her room & of course took some pictures in the mirror…

IMG_3476-1 IMG_3514-1 IMG_3516-1 IMG_3524-1 IMG_3504-1

we played barbies & both got frustrated at how hard they make Barbie clothes to get on…

IMG_4337-1 IMG_4360-1 IMG_4370-1 IMG_4361
we went shopping for fabrics for our next quilt. they were super busy & the people working were stressed out & not too friendly. I tried to say hi to the woman but she wasn’t having any part of that, she just wanted to cut our fabric. Sophia kept talking to her though, everytime she would cut a fabric Sophia would say “that’s thirty dollars” (she thinks everything costs thirty dollars no matter what it is) this got the woman laughing & talking to Sophia. pretty cute. I love that Sophia didn’t give up until she got the lady to laugh & talk to her. good job Sophia.

IMG_3370-1 IMG_3365-1 IMG_3367-1

as you can see, she is very helpful…


we were shopping & I loved how white the dairy aisle was. my prompt on IG for the day was #white, it was perfect. plus, she just looked adorable. I love to post on Instagram daily for the daily prompts, it has been such a great way to keep me inspired & to keep me taking pictures on days where if I didn’t have that challenge I don’t know if I would get my camera out at all. I love trying to get creative with the prompts when I have the time but this past week I barely posted at all. it is frustrating for me.

IMG_3376-1 IMG_3390-1 IMG_3392-1 IMG_3382-1 IMG_3377-1 IMG_3384-1

of course making Barbie dinner in her undies & gloves. classic. I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff but I just roll with it, you are pure sunshine baby girl…

IMG_3362-1 IMG_3331-1 IMG_3358-1 IMG_3360-1


reading the labels carefully of course…

IMG_3338-1 IMG_3326-1 IMG_3322-1 IMG_3344-1 IMG_3292-1 IMG_3315-1 IMG_3288-1

I trained last week at starbucks & tomorrow morning I start at 6a.m. I am happy to get out & work again, I am just stressed out about our schedule. I work 5 days a week the next few weeks & it is a lot to take on. but, I am keeping an open mind & trying very hard to make it work. I love the company, I was actually a little nervous going back because so much has changed but it really is just like riding a bike. ha. I am happy to be a barista & not the store manager. I am happy to have my 25 hours a week & go home & do the things that really matter, like take care of my family.


yesterday morning Sophia was in quite the mood, she was frantic & crazy & nothing would calm her down. I set her on the counter  & put her feet in the water in the sink & put some cool water on her neck, this usually helps to calm her down, along with talking real softly to her. it calmed her down & then she stripped off her dress & climbed all the way into the sink. again, I went with it because it was too dang cute. my little baby girl is growing so fast…

IMG_4608-1 IMG_4586-1 IMG_4564-1 IMG_4591-1 IMG_4604-1 IMG_4612-1 IMG_4611-1 IMG_4635-1 IMG_4650-1 IMG_4567-1 IMG_4609-1 IMG_4654-1

last night she got the candles out again to sing & again, I just went with it. (im starting to see a pattern. ha) my prompt for my_365  was #vertical & I had nothing yet for it so I figured the vertical of the candles would work. plus it just makes her so darn happy to sing the “happy Saturday” song & blow out the candles…

IMG_4529-1 IMG_4449-1

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  1. Hi to my daughter good luck at Starbucks What location? Love u dad Sent from my iPhone


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