my girls…

I love that Mikayla loves to make these videos & she is so good at it!! last year she was making these videos all the time & just recently she has shown me a few again. these two she made with Sophia & they make me laugh so hard. if i’m ever having a rough day all I need to do is watch these, I will be laughing in no time. I love that the first video, Mikayla is obviously doing her chores & it looks like it was back in April that she made it. the second one, don’t adjust your computer, she made it with the time lapse so the music sounds super fast & I love it. I can tell that she made that one just the other day while she was babysitting her sister. the one thing about me working again is that it puts more responsibility onto Mikayla. tonight she is at a sleepover with her cousins & she has to be home by 8 a.m. because her dad & brother & I all have to work. she hasn’t complained once & I’m sure the responsibility is good for her but still there is a part of me that feels guilty. but, she was at a sleepover last night as well & I didn’t get her until 11 this morning so I guess I really don’t need to feel that bad. ha.

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