uptown funk & merry Christmas!!!

so, Mikayla & I had this idea to go around to random spots & make a video, dancing to our favorite song of the moment… uptown funk.

we grabbed alex & Alyssa & kera & nova & we went from house to house, setting up this silly, yet amazing, contraption Mikayla & I made to hold her i-pod & speaker in, without it getting wet. we are dorks & i love it. i haven’t laughed that hard in awhile.

we started in mike & kera’s yard, worked out way to a couple houses in their neighborhood & then headed to Uncle Danny’s neighborhood because all of the trees are lit up green & the houses are full of Christmas lights. we pulled down the first street & i realized we were about 3 houses from uncle Danny’s. so, of course we had to dance in his driveway & then we moved to his front porch because it was brighter. the music was blaring, we were all dancing, doing our thing, dancing & laughing hysterically & the door opens. it was him at the door, at first he looked confused, like who are these crazy people dancing in the freezing rain on my porch??!! then he realized it was us & we could not stop laughing. i love that he caught us & i love that he got a good laugh out of it too.  then we headed to grammy mary & Arthur’s which was hilarious!! dancing in their driveway, in the rain, with my mom’s friend Denise, Arthur & my mom.


too much fun!!

this definitely has to become a yearly thing!!


here is the contraption we made. every time we stopped to get out of the car Mikayla grabbed the tripod from the trunk, set it up, set up her ipod & started the music… we thought we were being stealth about it but we were SOOO loud & i love it…


getting the shot set up…… we are pretty high tech over here!!!!

IMG_7149 IMG_7148

love you guys!! thanks for playing along with my ridiculous ideas!!!!

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