my girls…


poor little girl, yesterday was a rough one for her. so happy I caught these moments before her belly really started to hurt her.


even with her tummy issues yesterday she is always my happy little girl. I always know when she isn’t feeling well though because she isn’t running around, constantly.

when Mikayla came home from school yesterday I was sitting in the bathroom with little miss Sophia rubbing her back, trying to help her feel better with her upset tummy. Mikayla walked in & was so grossed out. I told her that when Sophia is 16 & she thinks I am just the worst mom ever I need for mik to call her sister & remind her of this moment. she said that Sophia would never think that. I looked at Mikayla, she looked at me & smiled & said that yes, she will remind Sophia of this day. thank you.

my girls doing their homework…

IMG_9603-1 IMG_9606-1

Sophia started to feel a little better in the evening. during her bath time Mik came in & I got to hear about her honors English teacher that sleeps in their class, hysterical. her partner in that class that says the dumbest things & a bunch of other stories that were cracking me up.

I so love hearing those stories!!

I know this video is boring but I need to have it here for Sophia to see when she is older. her big sister reading her The Scarlet Letter, her book that she is reading for English class, sophia actually listened for about 30 minutes & she loved it…


love you girls to the moon & back…


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