a good day…

we needed today…

it started with Sophia being so happy that I was home again in the morning when she woke up & that makes me so happy. I was making coffee, turned around & saw she had sat right in the stream of morning sun coming thru the window. of course I ran for my camera…

IMG_9874-1 IMG_9820-1 IMG_9838-1 IMG_9829-1 IMG_9879-1

we were out on a walk by 10 & that felt awesome…


I realize that this is an obnoxious amount of photos, videos, documentation, etc… for just some Wednesday in January. I get it. but man, I needed a day like today & I am pretty sure my little side kick did too.


we both needed to get out into the fresh air, take a walk, laugh, play, run & I needed to get out & take some photos. get inspired out in the sun, with my beautiful girl.

IMG_0040-1 IMG_0200-1

IMG_0408-1 IMG_0372-1 IMG_0364-1 IMG_0373-1 IMG_0414-1 IMG_0375-1 IMG_0376-1 IMG_0399-1 IMG_0404-1 IMG_0417-1 IMG_0379 IMG_0374 IMG_0285-1 IMG_0282-1 IMG_0253-1 IMG_0225-1 IMG_0237-1 IMG_0059-1 IMG_0252-1 IMG_0148-1 IMG_0153-1 IMG_0238-1 IMG_0057-1 IMG_0163-1 IMG_0190-1 IMG_0037-1 IMG_0206-1 IMG_0360-1 IMG_0315-1 IMG_0312-1 IMG_0310-1

she needed to get out, run, play with sticks which she made into magic wands & apparently she needed to sing (scream), dance & drum & make up songs. i’m glad we went out early. ha….

IMG_0326 IMG_0328 IMG_0329 IMG_0333 IMG_0338 IMG_0339 IMG_0234-1 IMG_0299 IMG_0302 IMG_0325 IMG_0301-1 IMG_0296-1 IMG_0340-1 IMG_0327-1 IMG_0294-1 IMG_0233-1

she kept looking at me to see if I was going to ask her to stop. I kept watching & laughing & singing along & she just kept going & going. love you little girl.

we had taken Biggs with us & he was a muddy mess after our walk, plus he already just stunk. we stopped at the dog wash, also washed the car & she got to let her balloons go.

a good day.

when you take your dog & your toddler to the car wash…


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