it may look like just another target run but this one was different. you finally got your wish & I let you walk with me instead of riding in the cart. we were only there for socks & milk so I figured it was a good day to give it a go. you did so good little girl!!!!

IMG_9806-1 IMG_9777-1

we made our way thru that store, you walking right beside me, talking to me the whole time. I could tell, you felt so big!! there was another little girl walking with her mom & she was helping her mom get groceries off the shelves, you looked at me & said “I wanna help” so, I let you pick out muffins for yourself.

you love walking, looking at all the stuff, pointing at all the stuff you want. ha. we got to the little girl department & you were in heaven. first you picked out a swimsuit, a bikini. no. then some cute flowery pants which I said yes to, I am a pushover.

then we got to the sock & underwear aisle. first of all, if you could own every package of princess & pony & Barbie underwear ever made, you would.

you check out every package, front & back. You think everything costs 2 dollars & that you can buy anything & everything with a few pennies…

.IMG_9736-1 IMG_9754-1 IMG_9720-1


IMG_9799-1 IMG_9791-1 IMG_9789-1



I love watching you change baby girl. Love watching you take it all in. Love to watch the things you choose to pick up & the things that make you say “ooh pretty”

love these every day adventures with you & I love love love your excitement for all the little things in life. never let that go baby girl. never loose that sparkle in your eye…

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