same place different day…

my last post of us walking in the beautiful weather was on a Thursday, 2 days before this snow. same exact park, same exact trail, same exact trees.

the snow makes everything more magical…

IMG_0674-1 Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset IMG_0599-1 IMG_0713-1 IMG_0711-1 IMG_0697-1 IMG_0689-1 IMG_0687-1 IMG_0578-1 IMG_0616-1 IMG_0597-1 IMG_0582-1 IMG_0636-1 IMG_0661-1

then the clean up on Sunday. it was windy, it was bitter cold & the snow drifts were no fun. I love being snowed in. im just happy we both already had the day off from work, there is no way either of us were making it out our street until the plows came, at about 4:30 pm.

there are no other people in the world I would rather be snowed in with, that is for sure…

IMG_0835-1 IMG_0799-1 IMG_0801-1 IMG_0906-1 IMG_0834-1 IMG_0854-1 IMG_0910-1 IMG_0919-1 IMG_0926-1 IMG_0937-1 IMG_0888-1 IMG_0938-1 IMG_0877-1 IMG_0863-1 IMG_0891-1 IMG_0809-1 IMG_0807-1 IMG_0894-1 IMG_0917-1 IMG_0899-1

IMG_0717-1 IMG_0722-1 IMG_0725-1 IMG_0730-1 IMG_0748-1 IMG_0753-1 IMG_0759-1 IMG_0762-1 IMG_0775-1 IMG_0779-1 IMG_0781-1 IMG_0782-1 IMG_0798-1 IMG_0786-1 IMG_0787-1 IMG_0792-1 IMG_0793-1

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