the things you say…

I have been wanting to write down some of the awesome things Sophia has been saying these days, so here goes…

She has been a late talker. I’m sure that is because she is the baby of our family with much older siblings & she never really had to put into words what she wanted or what she was thinking, we just always knew. She is old enough now that she wants to talk & talk she does! Non stop. & I love it. The mind of a 3 year old is really an awesome thing.

Some of her favorites…

Whenever we go to put pants or socks on her she says (cries) “those pants mess on me a bittle bit” or if we managed to get pants on her, no matter where we are she will stand up & say “these pants messin on me” & proceed to try & take them off. So these days she is usually running around the house in her shirt & princess undies. Love it.

also, I am in love with these portraits. especially the first one…

here she was telling me she needed lipstick. when I put on makeup in the morning she says “mama I need a bittle bit of make up too” a few days she tried to use the eye liner & ended up with some pretty epic cat eyes. ha.

IMG_0520-1 IMG_0522-1 IMG_0542-1 IMG_0518-1 IMG_0520-1 IMG_0489-1

this past week shane was in Arizona for work. us girls were pretty much snowed in & I pretty much loved every second of it.

one morning it was early, about 6 am & I was watching the news. they showed a plane crash caught on camera that had happened in Taiwan, I thought you had fallen back asleep but you sat straight up when you saw that plane crash, you put your hands over your mouth & you said “oh no” very quietly. you looked at me & I knew exactly what you were thinking. my heart broke. it was early but we called your dad right then so that you could hear his voice & know that he was ok. i was thinking that of course you thought that. all you knew is that your daddy had gone bye bye on an airplane, you are three, you don’t understand that there are thousands of airplanes that fly everyday. of course you thought that one plane was your daddy’s. i hugged you, assured you your daddy was fine & once you heard his voice you were ok again. then, when we picked him up from the airport yesterday, you were ecstatic. on the way home we say these deer running thru the fields & we pulled in to get a closer look, such a fun detour to take on the way home…

IMG_1227-1 IMG_1221-1

you love to say you are doing your homework with your sissy. “sissy doing homework, so is hia”

IMG_1011-1 IMG_1002-1 IMG_0968-1

reading stories to her sister & her baby doll Susie…

you have started wrapping your baby dolls up in your old baby blankets, singing to them, reading to them, lying them down for bedtime & giving them kisses. the sweetest.


IMG_1127-1 IMG_1094-1 IMG_1126-1 IMG_1174-1 IMG_1109-1

Sophia, you have always said “last night” for anything that has happened in the past. just recently you have started to say yesterday or before & after. it is pretty incredible to watch you grasp these concepts.

your memory is incredible. you remember everything little girl. things that happened weeks ago you will say “we did that last night” I will have to stop & think & realize we really did do that or I really did say that. maybe not last night but yes, it did happen.

if any of us say the word “stupid” you say “don’t say stupid” we will say we are sorry & you say “that ok”

sometimes you list off the things that you really love…

pizza wolls

chicken pie

fwozen  (frozen the movie)

hocapontas (instead of pocahantas)



you love your princess dolls with the clip on dresses. you sit downstairs walking them thru the little towns that you make for them, with your little ponies & your care bears & you carry on full conversations between them. I love to just sit back & listen. from up stairs of course because if I am down there with you you will stop.

dick donalds….. yes, I crack up every time we pass by a mcdonalds & you say “I want dick donalds”  you can only have fast food once a month so usually the answer is no & then you will say “ok, later”

in fact, a lot of times when I say no to something you protest for a moment & then you say “ok mama, later” & I agree yes, Sophia later.

you love care bears & I love the way you say “cawe bawe” melts me every time.

you still call milk, gilk.

Shane just left a comment of one I forgot… “what time it is” & you ask about every 2 minutes.

also, before bed you are always so silly. im sure you are just stalling going to sleep but you always want to talk about your day & princesses & toys & what you want to do the next day.

when we get into bed you sigh & say “oooooh this has been a long long day” & you say it in complete seriousness. love it.

of course, now that i am trying to write down all the things you say i cant remember half of them. i will add to this list as we go…

there are so many things that you say Sophia that just make me smile. i am so happy to hear you finding your voice. i am so happy to see you putting it all together. i am so happy to see you growing & learning.

love you baby girl…

on a side note…

lately it has hit me pretty hard the fact that Jarred is nowhere to be found in any of my photos. it makes me sad. even when he was younger & a somewhat willing participant he wasn’t in my photos like my girls are but now, now that he is half way living here, half way living with a friend & working & well, growing up & living his own life, he isn’t in any of my photos. I WILL fix that soon!!

in the meantime I ‘stole’ this pic from Mikayla’s IG feed. I love it. my dorks on Christmas morning…




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