making it happen….

sometimes you just have to make it happen…


There was a moment last Sunday that we were all home. I had just got home from work, I had to call Shane & ask him to hurry & come home from his parents with Sophia, I had to shower real quick, tell the kids to get cleaned up real quick, set up the camera real quick & get them all out back… real quick. I, obviously didn’t pay attention to what I was wearing, my makeup or my hair but I guess that just goes to show that that is not what I cared about. I cared about having us all together, in one photo, to show who we are today.

I love that. I love that family photos are not supposed to be “perfect”

we are flawed, we disagree, we bicker, we cry, we forgive, we laugh hysterically, we are a family & whatever that looks like we embrace it.

I love that Jarred was laughing about Sophia’s posing. I mean really, it is adorable…


definitely not good photos technically but I love how much Sophia loves her big brother & sister. the girls spend so much time together so i love to see Sophia’s reaction when she get’s to spend some time with her big bro, she lights up everytime she sees him. I love how happy she gets when he holds her & plays games with her…

IMG_1605-1 IMG_1611-1

and a little snow ball fight…

IMG_1665-1 IMG_1666-1 IMG_1680-1 IMG_1681-1 IMG_1697-1 IMG_1700-1 IMG_1679-1 IMG_1684-1 IMG_1685-1 IMG_1686-1 IMG_1690-1


i’m not sure what they were talking about but it looks pretty serious…

IMG_1636-1 IMG_1663-1

IMG_1582-1 IMG_1580-1 IMG_1589-1

yep. a good day. my heart is full.




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