it’s been awhile…

Mikayla had her “spring” concert. it was her first concert playing flute & piccolo with a piccolo solo & she did amazing!! I took my ipad to get her solo recorded, in the middle of the song, right before her solo my memory was full. I quick tried to delete a few things & by the time I did I got right after her solo. kind of funny & kind of not funny! but, she did amazing. we are so proud of you girlie…

IMG_2391-1 IMG_2392-1 IMG_2387-1 IMG_2395-1 IMG_2401-1 IMG_2377-1 IMG_2408-1

I haven’t been writing or posting a lot here but that doesn’t mean I’m not writing. I am writing my story, however I can… and finding the time to put it all into our 2015 book. and thankfully I have found a few hours here & there to work on my mom’s quilt. its obviously not a surprise anymore but that’s ok, when I finally finish it I know she will love it…

IMG_2360-1 IMG_2335-1 IMG_2513-1

hanging out after her bath, watching a little Netflix, with her curlers in of course…

IMG_3545-1 IMG_3561-1 IMG_3553-1 IMG_3530-1 IMG_3532-1 IMG_3557-1

Mikayla got her chalkboard wall done in her room. it looks amazing!!

IMG_2300 IMG_2315 IMG_2297 IMG_2295
all three kids were home at once!!! I took advantage of it & got some fun shots. sorry if you don’t like feet. ha. I love to see them all together. I love to watch them interact. I love to see them all sitting in a row. all 3 such different people. all 3 such amazing people that I am so proud of. 3 pieces of my heart all sitting here in a row. if they only knew what it feels like for me, to have these 3 pieces of my heart out walking around in the world. I wouldn’t change a thing. we are who we are & I am so thankful for that. these 3…

IMG_3462-1 IMG_3442-1 IMG_3425-1 IMG_3422-1 IMG_3483-1 IMG_3468-1 IMG_3289-1 IMG_3286-1 IMG_3402-1 IMG_3385-1 IMG_3174-1


of course I had to make a little video…

shane got his new clubs in the mail last week. I didn’t realize it had been so long since he had gotten new clubs!! he was excited & I was excited for him, I wanted to see him try them out. this day I had worked at 5am & I was exhausted but we went to beyond golf for a little “mini date”

IMG_3583-1 IMG_3590-1 IMG_3598-1 IMG_3601-1

here’s the video of what I did catch at mikayla’s concert. the band is AMAZING. I cant say it enough. I am so proud of her, all her hard work & all the hard work of all of them…

of course, no post of mine would be complete without a shot of miss Sophia daydreaming out the window…



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