march so far…

march so far.

do you ever feel like time is slipping thru your fingertips?

not like in a depressing “woooh is me” way, but in a “that’s just the way life works” sort of way.

sometimes I feel like the days are so long, so long. and then I look back on them & I think wow, maybe I didn’t do everything I could have with my time.

maybe I didn’t appreciate that day as much as I could have. maybe I didn’t appreciate the people around me as much as I could have.

I think it is easy to slip into a rut. I feel like it is easy to take the people closest to you for granted sometimes. i feel like i need to keep my eyes wide open, my heart wide open to everyone around me.

i feel like no matter what, the days are just going to keep passing. we are going to age. our kids are going to grow & change & age right along with us. i feel like there is no other time than today to say & do the things we need to say & do.

i feel like life is good… sad, happy, frustrated, confused, tired, whatever. thru it all, i feel like life is good…

One Comment on “march so far…

  1. Love this video. Love your thoughts, musings, observations.
    Love you so much

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