The basement saga…

I know, I know I need to calm down. But I can’t. 

It is not fancy, it’s just our basement, but to have it cleaned up & ready to use is so exciting for me. I love to play with paper, paint, glue, ink, whatever I can make a mess with & now I have a space to do that. Sigh. 

Plus, just having a place for everything & having everything in its place just makes me feel all warm inside. Clutter makes me feel claustrophobic, so just knowing that this space isn’t a messy pile of everything just thrown anywhere is amazing. 

Every year I would start or “sort of” get this space cleaned up. It is finally usable space & I love it… 

This before picture sadly isn’t even the real “before” this is taken after a good hour of just throwing out the obvious trash. Yikes. I vow to never let this space get so messy again… 


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