Easter 2015…

I know. I write this every year after Easter… & I will write it over & over again I am sure….

Easter is my jam.

Easter means so much to me.

Easter means happy memories. traditions & laughter & family & good times.

Easter means the belief in new life. the belief in resurrection. the belief that we all have a purpose whether we know it or not.

Easter means prayer & forgiveness.

Easter will never be the same for any of us after losing Tony. holidays will never be the same, period. but Easter. Easter was always special in my family.

Grandma Margie & aunt karen & uncle doug & my mom & dad & hunting frogs with my cousins nick & Michael & kick ball with kimi & rocky & tony. dying Easter eggs the Saturday night before & all of us kids would be so excited for Easter morning.

we would each dye 2 dozen eggs. yes, 2 dozen. we would go real slow because we never wanted it to end.

I remember the adults, gently pushing us along. ha. now I know that is because they wanted us to go to bed so they could talk about life & laugh about old times…

but also because after we went to bed they still had to hide the 50,000 eggs around the house.

they were good at it.

I bet they laughed the whole time. I bet they enjoyed a cocktail or two. I bet they were excited & anxious to see how happy they had made all of us.

we would have kites & eggs & bubbles & pretty easter dresses & pastel plaid shirts for the boys. we would get dressed up & spend the morning at church, after the epic egg hunt, of course.

after church we would have a feast. enjoy the laughter. us kids would play outside with our new toys. the whole time begging for them to hide the eggs outside. they would….

honestly, I could go on & on. I do believe in all the hope that this day brings.

I will always hold Easter close to my heart. I will always be thankful for our family giving us that. I will always be thankful for the happy memories because they are what get us through the moments where nothing makes sense. those moments where the hurt is just too much.

I hope that our kids will look back on this day the way I do. I hope that this day will fill them with hope, the way it does for me. I hope…

we have to carry on. we have to believe in hope. we have to have faith.


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