almost 4…

Sophia, on sunday you will be 4.

IMG_4333-1 IMG_4439-1 IMG_4244-1
you are smart. you are sweet. you are sassy. you are spice. you are special. you are inspiring. you are kind. you are pushy. you are beautiful.

you are my heart.

to the little girl I never even dreamt I would have, you are so very special to me.

these images of you, they make me want to shed my adult inhibitions. they make me want to crawl inside your little girl world. you make me want to join you in your sweet imagination. your sweet little world, where you have little bear & little bunny as your best friends. I know it sounds silly but when I look at you I just want so badly to keep you little. to keep your innocence & your imagination & your wonder alive. I know that I am grown & I cant just see the world as pink & roses but you do bring me back to that place. you bring me with you & your heart is open & your eyes are open & I love you so much for that.

sweet sweet girl…

IMG_4456-1 IMG_4442-1 IMG_4331-1 IMG_4318-1 IMG_4251-1 IMG_4323-1 IMG_4313-1 IMG_4281-1

you have always slept in bed with your dad & me. maybe 5 nights of your whole 4 year life you have managed to sleep in your own bed. your just getting too big & so last night I told you that it was illegal for 4 year olds to sleep in their mom & dad’s bed. I really had no idea how serious you would take that. I should have known better!  you did sleep in your own bed but I felt pretty guilty about the way it happened.

but, we are moving on.

I am proud of you for sleeping in your big girl bed & it needed to happen & yet it pulls at my heart.

last night you were climbing into your bed & you said “but, i’m going to miss you” & then my heart fell out my stomach. those words, they were so sweet & so honest & so true.

but, it is time for you to sleep on your own. you are a big girl & you know that I am only one room away…



I am lucky to be your mama. I am proud to be your mama.

happy almost 4th birthday sweet girl.



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