wow. seriously, 16?

a few days before her birthday we took these photos. I love them. I love her & we had so much fun this day…

IMG_1480-1 IMG_1400-1 IMG_1592-1 IMG_1490-1 IMG_1483-1 IMG_1415-1 IMG_1493-1 IMG_1498-1 IMG_1383-1 IMG_1497-1 IMG_1495-1 IMG_1487-1 IMG_2204-1

IMG_1941-1 IMG_1942-1 IMG_1934-1 IMG_1933-1 IMG_1932-1 IMG_1928-1 IMG_1918-1 IMG_1915-1 IMG_2154-1 IMG_1981-1 IMG_2175-1 IMG_2081-1 IMG_2138-1 IMG_2147-1 IMG_2167-1 IMG_2161-1 IMG_2067-1 IMG_2069-1 IMG_2103-1 IMG_2177-1

IMG_1828-1 IMG_1912-1 IMG_1978-1 IMG_2129-1 IMG_2092-1 IMG_2158-1 IMG_1581-1 IMG_1749-1 IMG_1751-1 IMG_1752-1 IMG_1753-1 IMG_1754-1 IMG_1755-1 IMG_1756-1 IMG_1757-1 IMG_1758-1 IMG_1448-1 IMG_1463-1 IMG_2069-1 IMG_2147-1 IMG_1848-1 IMG_1905-1 IMG_2138-1 IMG_1695-1 IMG_1831-1 IMG_1746-1 IMG_1589-1 IMG_1479-1 IMG_1668-1 IMG_1706-1 IMG_1613-1 IMG_1686-1

on her birthday Sophia & I did a little chalking in the driveway to welcome her sister home from school & grammy mary got to come over to help us celebrate her big day…

IMG_2268-1 IMG_2258-1 IMG_2236-1 IMG_2284-1 IMG_2216-1 IMG_2217-1 IMG_2232-1

later we were off to meme & papa’s for cupcakes & birthday wishes…

IMG_2365-1 IMG_2368-1 IMG_2330-1 IMG_2346-1 IMG_2361-1 IMG_2362-1

so funny, Sophia was getting pretty impatient. I imagine in her head she was saying “can we just eat these cupcakes already!!!!!!!”


IMG_2373-1 IMG_2383-1 IMG_2381-1 IMG_2384-1 IMG_2396-1 IMG_2394-1 IMG_2397-1 IMG_2415-1 IMG_2429-1 IMG_2428-1 IMG_2334-1 IMG_2338-1 IMG_2336-1 IMG_2339-1 IMG_2447-1 IMG_2387-1

opening her gifts…

IMG_2508-1 IMG_2488-1 IMG_2489-1 IMG_2496-1 IMG_2499-1 IMG_2476-1 IMG_2457-1 IMG_2461-1 IMG_2469-1 IMG_2480-1 IMG_2558-1 IMG_2536-1 IMG_2540-1 IMG_2542-1 IMG_2296-1 IMG_2298-1 IMG_2306-1 IMG_2307-1 IMG_2301-1 IMG_2323-1 IMG_2560-1 IMG_2561-1

her birthday was on a Wednesday, then on Friday when she got home she had one more gift waiting for her.

Taylor Swift tickets. oh my gosh, she lost her mind. she cried…

IMG_2578-2 IMG_2581-1 IMG_2583-1 IMG_2588-1 IMG_2590-1 IMG_2593-1 IMG_2597-1 IMG_2598-1 IMG_2599-1 IMG_2602-1 IMG_2605-1

after the excitement of the T. Swizzle tickets we had the big bowling party to get ready for…

I got a lot of photos of us bowling, none of them too great, so of course I just made them into a video & just like that, they are amazing!! ha. but seriously, we had such a great time!!!

this post took me forever to put together & there is so much more I can say about all of it but let me just say this… I love my kids’ birthdays. I just want to make them special for them.

happy 16 Mikayla. you are so very special…

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