just swinging…

so yes, I realize that all of these videos could be seen as excessive. ha. Mikayla pretty much made fun of me all day yesterday for working on these photos & this video off & on all day. I don’t care. it matters to me & I bet in twenty years this little video wont seem so ridiculous to her. in fact, she might even thank me for recording these fleeting moments…

I posted a picture on Instagram of the girls swinging, with shane pushing them & this is what I wrote…

“last night. sometimes your tired. you don’t want to go to the park. you want to let them go so you can have a quiet house for a few minutes. and then you put your shoes on. you walk to the park & laugh the whole way. you watch the sunset behind them. you listen to the laughter. you say a silent thank you for these simple moments…”

IMG_3800 IMG_3771


and I meant every word of it. this is all we have. this is it. this is life. whatever we make of it, that is what it is going to be. I don’t need huge moments. I don’t need grand gestures. I just need this. I just need them. I just need to allow myself to feel deeply & to not feel self conscious about that. I just need to breathe in these moments. breathe deep because once they are gone, they are gone.

these are the days…

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