Right now…

You take Biggs with you wherever you go. You dress him up. You hug him. You  chase him & he loves you through it all.

You got a new play kitchen & little pink microwave & cash register for your birthday & you love them.


You are definitely the silliest little person I know.

A few days ago we got a book of coupons in the mail for Wisconsin dells water park. I was going to toss it but you saw it before I could. You have been looking   Thru that book & the brochures & the coupons for days. Yesterday we were at the grocery store & you wanted jelly beans, I told you you could buy them with the dollar you had in your purse & you told me “no, I’m saving up for the rain park” it took me a minute & I realized you meant the water park. Seriously? You are the sweetest. Then last night you had put the brochures in our bed & the map was laid out on your bed. Your only 4 & your already planting hints around the house for your dad & I!!! I asked the neighbors & a friend that doesn’t live far if they got the same brochures. They did not. We’re pretty sure that you ordered them yourself!! Ha. But really I wouldn’t doubt it… Hopefully we can make it this summer baby girl.

You make me laugh everyday. Your outfits, the things you say, your facial expressions, your laugh, your joy. I just feel lucky…


and seriously my favorite photo of us lately. we had just gone to meet your grandpa johnny for ice cream & we went to the party store to get you your ‘4’ balloon for your birthday the next day. seriously, you would think that we have never been into a store before. love it…



last night about 7 we decided to go get some ice cream or something, so we got mik, biggs, you & I all loaded into the car. we left. you were worried biggs was going to jump out the window. that took awhile to assure you he would not. we drove past a spot where the day before I had seen a hot pink dumpster at a construction site that said “put a lid on it” oh man I wanted to get my picture by that dumpster or who knows maybe I would have climbed in the dumpster. ha. but when we drove by it was gone. I was bummed. you said “I’m sorry your dumpster is gone mama. we find another dumpster for you”. then, the sun was setting & it was in your eyes, you put on your Elton john glasses but apparently they didn’t help, you screamed about the sun in your eyes. I assured you I couldn’t do anything about it & that we should enjoy the sun. you said “why” I said because it is beautiful. you said “ok”. at the stop light you randomly decided to declare that cats don’t poop. that one made mik & I laugh. I asked you who told you that & you said “daddy”. haha.  it had already been a long trip in that 4 minute stretch of time so instead of yogurt we decided just to go to the gas station for slushies. inside the gas station you were, lets just say spunky. 4 & spunky. we made it out of there alive with one slushie, one candy necklace, pistachios & sunflower seeds. success. when we got back in the car I told you you need to calm down in stores & that you need to listen better. you said “why” I said because you were acting crazy. you immediately broke into tears & said “I crazy????” I said no baby not in a bad way, im crazy too, we just need to listen better in stores. you said “oh. ok.”

never a dull moment…

IMG_5917-1 IMG_5871-1

you are in love with mermaids right now. just now in your bath you said you wanted a mermaid tail. I said maybe if we go to the ocean together we could grow mermaid tails & you loved that idea, for about a half a second. then you said “no, we cant grow mermaid tails because boys cant be mermaids & then daddy wouldn’t be with us & if we grow tails we wont live at home & maybe we get lost in the ocean”

the best part… “we should just go to target & buy mermaid tails”

yep, you said that!!!

seriously, the most grown up conversation about mermaids I have ever had.

you are incredible.

love you fierce baby girl…







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