beginning to look like summer…

summer shenanigans in full swing…

Sophia & I on one of our nightly walks, this night we got caught in a heavy rain. we were dancing, twirling, screaming, laughing, jumping in puddles & then we saw shane coming to pick us up in the car. so sweet. but we declined the ride home, dancing in that rain was too much fun!!

im sure we will spend a lot of time this summer out back, in the sprinkler…

IMG_9150-1 IMG_9153-1 IMG_9146-1 IMG_9143-1 IMG_9140-1 IMG_9139-1 IMG_9136-1 IMG_9128-1 IMG_9125-1 IMG_9123-1 IMG_9122-1 IMG_9121-1 IMG_9149-1

I took her to the pool at lake zorinsky last week. the first time we went she saw it, she gasped & said “were going there!!!” “thank you thank you thank you”. I will never forget that sweet moment baby girl. you were so happy. so excited. all smiles the whole time…

IMG_9399-1 IMG_9404-1 IMG_9407-1 IMG_9416-1 IMG_9419-1 IMG_9421-1 IMG_9422-1 IMG_9363-1 IMG_9364-1 IMG_9334-1 IMG_9336-1 IMG_9337-1 IMG_9398-1 IMG_9386-1 IMG_9387-1 IMG_9389-1 IMG_9366-1 IMG_9390-1 IMG_9394-1 IMG_9392-1 IMG_9391-1 IMG_9340-1 IMG_9412-1

today we went back with your sister. again, your happiness is infectious. your joy is contagious. your laughter is the best. you love your sister so much Sophia. we were on a little break from the pool & you ran over, gave your sister a big hug & said “I love you sissy. will you marry me??”

yep, you proposed to your sister today Sophia.

she said yes.

love you two girls to the moon and back.

love you two girls something fierce. my girls. my heart. I would walk to the ends of the earth to keep you both this happy & free & safe…

IMG_9887-1 IMG_9894-1 IMG_9865-1 IMG_9904-1 IMG_9900-1 IMG_9913-1 IMG_9918-1 IMG_9929-1 IMG_9930-1 IMG_9994-1

these months, june & july are so emotional for me. I miss my brother so much. I am hanging on to these happy moments to get me thru…

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