golden hour…

I know I say this all the time but, these are truly my favorite photos as of late.

I was headed out with Sophia for our nightly walk & shane was telling me about a beautiful wheat field he had passed driving home from wahoo. I was all over that! ha. it was fun to have shane with us on one of our little adventures.

by the time we got there the sun was at its sweet spot. not quite that “golden hour” but oh so close, & perfect…

IMG_0816-1 IMG_0795-1 IMG_0976-1 IMG_0807-1 IMG_0971-1 IMG_0867-1 IMG_0896-1

of course, seeing her with her daddy, holding hands thru the fields was pretty much the best part…

IMG_0841-1 IMG_0842-1

you truly do glow from the inside out baby girl…

IMG_0986-2 IMG_0966-1

One Comment on “golden hour…

  1. I can’t wait to live closer to you
    Tuna fish sandwiches for lunch and peach tea and salads and you and Sophia

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