jerry’s birthday…

I really don’t want to turn this into the grateful dead blog (HA)  but in honor of Jerry’s 73rd. birthday I have been reliving some shows on youtube. I am not a Phish fan, never have been. we went to see them a few times in 93, 94 & 95 in Utah, New York City & shoreline in California. I didn’t get it, they are a jam band that is supposedly the grateful dead of my generation. not a believer. but, their lead singer, founder, lead guitarist Trey Anastasia played the fare the well shows this summer with the grateful dead. he stepped in to jerry’s spot. that must have been so nerve racking for him!! dead heads are a picky bunch, they love their dead, like love it & they know set lists from 30 years ago & can tell you what their favorite song was from any given live show from any given year. crazy! so for him to step in & take this spot was huge & I was a sceptic.

and then they opened the second set July 3rd with scarlet begonias. a grateful dead classic. a song about jerry’s first wife Mountain Girl, who by the way still lives in Stinson Beach & came into smileys where I worked all the time. I LOVE her!!!

watching it that night I almost cried watching Trey. his face shows what it feels like to play with your idols, your mentors, your friends. to play the music that he grew up listening to, the music that inspired his career, and you can see all of the emotion in his face. love it!!

its funny because when you watch jerry play the same song, he looks like he is enjoying himself just as much. love it!!

jerry had that swagger when he played. magic…

happy 73rd birthday to Jerry. a man that inspired so many & a man that just so happened to inspire Jarred’s name. yep, his name is half Jerry, half David for his dad…


“sometimes you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right”

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