19 & 4…


it is hard to believe that this year, 2015, our oldest turned 19 & our youngest 4.

IMG_2194-1 IMG_5006-1

a little 4 year old photo shoot…

IMG_5083-1 IMG_5066-1IMG_5054-1


she saw the ice cream truck..

IMG_5033-1 IMG_5030-1 IMG_5035-1 IMG_5037-1 IMG_5036-1

our 4 year old, little miss personality…

IMG_5137-1 IMG_5125-1 IMG_5124-1 IMG_5134-1 IMG_5013-1 IMG_5052-1 IMG_5097-1

I don’t post many of the outtake pictures. a lot of my shots are of her back, while she is running away from me. or her face, very close up, as she storms the camera. but sometimes, she decides just to pout instead. which is perfect with me…

IMG_5099-1 IMG_5105-1 IMG_5114-1


earlier that day we went to meet grandpa Johnny for ice cream & a little trip to the party store for her ‘4’ balloon.

you would think we had never been to a real store before!! haha.

and of course coming home from the party store we had to try out our new water gun…

IMG_4933-1 IMG_4920-1 IMG_4925-1 IMG_4903-1 IMG_4907-1


IMG_4848-1 IMG_4845-1 IMG_4876-1 IMG_4937-2 IMG_4939-1 IMG_4944-1 IMG_4942-1 IMG_4945-1 IMG_4949-1 IMG_4951-1

that evening I asked Sophia to go help jarred pick up her toys in the yard so that he could mow the lawn. this is the outfit she put on to get the job done. I cant even take it. love you baby girl…

IMG_4973-1 IMG_4974-1 IMG_4988-1 IMG_4968-1

that night after she had gone to bed I set up the dining room for her to wake up to a birthday explosion while Mikayla hung streamers all down the hall way for her to walk thru in the morning.

she was so excited to see this when she woke up first thing in the morning!!

she got to open one present that morning.

May 10, 2015 the day our little girl turned 4…

IMG_5168-1 IMG_5180-1 IMG_5185-1 IMG_5189-1 IMG_5195-1 IMG_5197-1 IMG_5200-1 IMG_5241-1 IMG_5234-1 IMG_5214-1 IMG_5210-1 IMG_5212-1 IMG_5235-1 IMG_5207-1 IMG_5221-1 IMG_5230-1 IMG_5194-1

later that day we had a few people over to celebrate our sweet girl turning 4…

IMG_5268 IMG_5269 IMG_5277 IMG_5284

IMG_5358 IMG_5335 IMG_5321 IMG_5314 IMG_5308 IMG_5310 IMG_5300 IMG_5296 IMG_5290 IMG_5275 IMG_5273 IMG_5272 IMG_5271 IMG_5270 IMG_5260 IMG_5265

IMG_5361 IMG_5362 IMG_5366 IMG_5376 IMG_5382 IMG_5379

and of course you can not turn 4 without cake & your family singing to you. this year she wanted balloons on her cake & she loved it!!

IMG_5387-1 IMG_5388-1 IMG_5389-1 IMG_5392-1 IMG_5397-1 IMG_5400-1 IMG_5402-1 IMG_5403-1 IMG_5404-1 IMG_5405-1 IMG_5406-1 IMG_5408-1 IMG_5409-1 IMG_5410-1 IMG_5411-1 IMG_5412-1 IMG_5416-1 IMG_5420-1 IMG_5421-1 IMG_5423-1 IMG_5424-1 IMG_5429-1 IMG_5433-1 IMG_5435-1 IMG_5440-1

of course she had to try out her new tent that she got for her birthday…


July 20th Jarred Haven turned 19.

we got to celebrate with his favorite dinner, the one he requests every year for his birthday dinner. chicken roll ups.

IMG_5881-1 IMG_5891-1 IMG_5873-1 IMG_5874-1 IMG_5871-1 IMG_5869-1 IMG_5865-1 IMG_5858-1 IMG_5862-1 IMG_5877-1

waiting to meet grammy & “uncle artur” at the door…


IMG_5962-1 IMG_5970-1 IMG_5971-1 IMG_5973-1 IMG_5974-1 IMG_5977-1

a little after dinner pool party…

IMG_5932-1 IMG_5939-1 IMG_5944-1 IMG_5937-1 IMG_5938-1

earlier in July I took these photos of these two together.

these two. my heart.

the one that made me a mother, taught me what unconditional love was all about. showed me what it felt like to love someone with everything inside of you. showed me in an instant how much love & adoration & dreams & faith you can have in & for another person. the one with the old, deep soul…

the one that changed my life all over again. the one that I never dreamt I would have. the one that makes me smile so deep inside myself. the one that holds my heart inside of her’s. holds it close. the one with a spirit larger than I think I will ever know. the one that keeps us laughing, makes my heart skip a beat…

IMG_2219-1 IMG_2213-1 IMG_2215-1 IMG_2217-1 IMG_2218-1 IMG_2221-1 IMG_2236-1 IMG_2243-1 IMG_2227-1 IMG_2237-1 IMG_2238-1 IMG_2239-1 IMG_2255-1 IMG_2257-1 IMG_2272-1 IMG_2182-1

happy birthday you two.

love you to the moon & back.

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