back to school…

well, the time has come for little miss Sophia to begin school…



a week before school started we went to open house so Sophia (we) could see her school & meet her teacher. I love both! this school, Harvey oaks elementary, that shane went to for a few years of grade school is so cute. I love Sophia’s room, I love the library, I love it all. they just had renovations done to the school & it is beautiful. as soon as we walked into her classroom we met her teacher Mrs. Katie or Miss Kitty as mom & I like to call her. I love her teacher & so does Sophia. Millard schools do home visits now which I love. I love that Sophia got to spend some time with her teacher here at home the week before school started. she got to introduce Mrs. Katie to her whole family & to Biggs. I am so excited for Sophia to take this step…

IMG_6189 IMG_6188

this was emotional though.

IMG_9280-1 IMG_9286-1 IMG_9288-1 IMG_9291-1

getting her picture taken for her school identification.

IMG_9311-1 IMG_9314-1 IMG_9321-1 IMG_9324-1 IMG_9348-1 IMG_9362-1

opening up a few dresses for school from grammy mary, cutest…

IMG_9433-1 IMG_9434-1 IMG_9435-1 IMG_9448-1 IMG_9444-1 IMG_9393-1

the first day of school. she was so excited. I was excited for her. this is going to be so good for her & the fact that she was this excited made me so proud of her…

IMG_9710-1 IMG_9725-1 IMG_9723-1 IMG_9767-1 IMG_9757-1 IMG_9755-1 IMG_9735-1 IMG_9741-1 IMG_9739-1 IMG_9726-1 IMG_9724-1 IMG_9751-1 IMG_9753-1 IMG_9744-1 IMG_9747-1 IMG_9720-1

IMG_9714-1 IMG_9733-1 IMG_9776-1 IMG_9773-1 IMG_9771-1 IMG_9768-1 IMG_9840-1 IMG_9769-1 IMG_9839-1 IMG_9782-1 IMG_9786-1 IMG_9805-1 IMG_9783-1 IMG_9797-1 IMG_9796-1 IMG_9804-1

we got there a little early so of course, more photos in front of the school. I put my camera away once I saw that nervous face appear on her. she was nervous for only a few minutes, then her teacher came out to get all of the kids. she gave Sophia a big hug, Sophia grabbed her hand & helped her round up all of the other kids in the class…

IMG_9920-1 IMG_9928-1 IMG_9917-1 IMG_9911-1 IMG_9922-1 IMG_9893-1 IMG_9896-1 IMG_9906-1 IMG_9904-1 IMG_6283

looking in, waiting for her first day to begin…

IMG_9970-1 IMG_9976-1 IMG_9982-1 IMG_9991-1 IMG_9992-1 IMG_9997-1 IMG_9999-1 IMG_0004-1 IMG_0009-1 IMG_0017-1

and… she loved it!! her happy face running out after that first day of preschool is something I will never forget. her doing her happy dance is something I will never forget…

IMG_0027-1 IMG_0030-1 IMG_0031-1

IMG_0046-1 IMG_0037-1 IMG_0038-1

school is going to be so good for her. we are on her second week now, she is excited every day to go. she tells us what she did that day, shows us what she did that day & tells us about her friends. I look at her & she is happy & healthy & thriving & what more could I ever want for her.

I didn’t have any tears or sadness until Friday last week. I was at the grocery store, something we of course always do together & I realized I didn’t have my buddy with me. it was just me. yes, I cried in the cheese aisle. but they are all tears for me, me being selfish. me wanting to hold onto her. me wanting to keep her all to myself & I know I can’t.

I think it was also just the realization that once life changes are made, you cant go back. once you grow out of a stage, you don’t go back. and that is good, that is the way life was designed. but still, for a mom, watching their baby girl make these changes is bitter sweet…

this girl started her junior year in high school this year. what??!!


she is always so busy the first few months of school, getting back into the swing of things, marching season, practices, competitions, football games, youth group, homework, new classes, etc…

I have to sometimes take a step back & remember that she is taking it all in, from every angle, plus from shane & I, her friends & her teachers. I have to remember how much she has taken on & I am proud of her for that, so very proud of her. I worry that it is too much because I don’t want to see her worrying all the time about everything she needs to do. I want her to be able to have some down time too. but, it makes her happy to push herself & that is a quality I admire about her…

I know that junior year will be her best year yet…

IMG_0895-1 IMG_0880-1 IMG_0881-1 IMG_0879-1 IMG_0873-1 IMG_0896-1 IMG_0870-1

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