self doubt & self awareness…

this is hard to write.

I have been thinking about this one for awhile now.

life passions. dreams. goals. desires. connections. self doubt. questions. worthiness?

with so many voices & visions out there, what makes mine special?

it is a tough question, especially when talking about a creative art. photography. there are so many amazing photographers out there & sometimes it can feel a bit crowded.

but when something is your passion. when something helps you make sense of the world around you. helps you connect with those little moments that would otherwise be lost of forgotten, it must be a good thing.

the internet is awesome. but sometimes, if I’m not careful it can turn on those voices in my head that make me doubt myself & my voice.

no one wants to admit their self doubts, I know I don’t. but maybe by admitting them I am just grabbing onto the passion that much more. maybe having that bit of question pushes me even harder to capture the things that I want to capture.

I want to capture connections. those fleeting moments, not only for my family but for other families as well. I want our kids to have a record of the love we gave, for when we are gone.

sometimes it feels like we are all expected to move so fast. live so fast. sometimes it feels like unless we take it upon ourselves to slow down, it will never happen. sometimes it feels like kids aren’t really kids anymore. I want to capture that time, that essence of them, when they are little & full of dreams & possibilities & the world is such an amazing place to them. I feel like capturing these emotions bring us adults back to that place. for however fleeting the moment may be, I want to capture it & preserve it forever.

what do we have if we have no record of the love we gave?? not in monetary ways or possessions or being involved in every activity, but just time & love & listening. what an amazing gift to give, to capture these moments while they are happening & be able to pass these images down from one generation to the next. the simple, seemingly mundane moments that make up the most important days of our lives… the bulk of them. what do we have if we don’t look at those days & say, those were the most important days of my life.

those are the moments I want to capture.

I feel it is bigger than just something I want to do. I feel like it is something I have to do. their seems to be so much uncertainty in the world & if we can only make sense out of our little teeny, tiny piece of it then maybe that will help us see where we fit in to the bigger picture…

IMG_2814-1 IMG_2926-1 IMG_2825-1 IMG_2903-1 IMG_2913-1 IMG_2799-1 IMG_2947-1 IMG_2793-1 IMG_2837-1 IMG_2805-1 IMG_2819-1 IMG_2711-1 IMG_2911-1 IMG_2829-1 IMG_2925-1

I am finding that even with so many voices out there, there is room for all of them. even mine.

I feel a pull, always, to slow down & look with intent. I equate it to being a listener. when I was younger, I was definitely not a listener, I was a talker. (I know hard to believe!! haha) but now, I realize that to really learn or truly see anything or anyone, you have to slow down & listen. you cant hear someone when you are always thinking about what you are going to say next. I am finding that I can not capture this moment if I am always thinking about what that next moment might bring.

and that is what photography gives me, the pause in life that brings clarity & meaning…

I would love to be able to photograph you, your children, your family, right now. in whatever place you might be in in life, that is the place that needs to be documented.

I would be honored to capture these moments for you!!

email me at…

lets set up a time, a day, an evening to meet!!

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