we love going to lake zorinsky. it is close, there are 2 awesome parks for Sophia & it is pretty, if you find the right spots.

this day there was a large family having a picnic by the park & they had scattered trash everywhere. it was pretty sad. Sophia saw the trash & she immediately ran to start picking it all up but, there was too much. she had ran ahead of me, in her little tutu dress & fairy wings & she was running straight for the family. i knew exactly where she was headed.

she ran straight up to them & held out the trash & said “this is not good for the eawth” she stomped away & started picking up more trash.

i didn’t know if i should be proud or mortified.

my little rainbow warrior. love you girl. love your heart. love that you listen when we talk…


IMG_0315-1 IMG_0555-1 IMG_0385-1 IMG_0390-2 IMG_0386-1 IMG_0369-1 IMG_0382-1 IMG_0381-1 IMG_0309-1 IMG_0366-1 IMG_0360-1 IMG_0285-1 IMG_0484-1 IMG_0521-1 IMG_0504-1 IMG_0498-1 IMG_0560-1 IMG_0565-1 IMG_0478-1 IMG_0475-1 IMG_0339-1 IMG_0299-1 IMG_0496-1 IMG_0458-1 IMG_0420-1 IMG_0427-1 IMG_0431-1 IMG_0432-1 IMG_0426-1 IMG_0412-1 IMG_0681-1 IMG_0719-1 IMG_0708-1 IMG_0686-1 IMG_0691-1 IMG_0702-1 IMG_0709-1 IMG_0682-1 IMG_0665-1 IMG_0635-1 IMG_0579-1 IMG_0581-1 IMG_0618-1 IMG_0605-1 IMG_0552-1 IMG_0438-1 IMG_0433-2 IMG_0495-2 IMG_0675-1


my little butterfly…

IMG_1540-1 IMG_1538-1 IMG_1529-1


same place different day & yes, she picked up trash this day too. i now have gloves & little plastic shopping bags in my car for her to pick up the trash when we go to the park. except now, when we are headed into any store she wants to stop & pick up the parking lot too. uhm. if i stopped & let her pick up trash every time she wanted to, we would never actually get anywhere. i appreciate this about her so much & i don’t want to discourage her but wow, why are humans so filthy??! now she is learning about separating materials that can be recycled from those that can not. she doesn’t understand why everything can’t be turned into something new. and really, she has a good point.

i took these pictures right as she saw a pile of trash someone had left sitting in this beautiful field. as you can see, she wasn’t happy about it at all.

IMG_2918-1 IMG_2912-1 IMG_2911-1

once the trash was all picked up. my happy girl…

IMG_2938-1 IMG_2931-1 IMG_2930-1 IMG_2925-1

basking in the sun…

IMG_2882-1 IMG_2858-1 IMG_2890-1 IMG_2821-1 IMG_2889-1 IMG_2896-1 IMG_2892-1 IMG_2782-1 IMG_2784-1 IMG_2828-1 IMG_2860-1


again, same place different day…

IMG_2620-1 IMG_2601-1 IMG_2658-1 IMG_2616-1 IMG_2609-1 IMG_2667-1 IMG_2718-1 IMG_2704-1 IMG_2664-1

Sophia, i believe you will do great things & speak for the earth. i have never seen any little person so worried about how people treat the earth & why is there so much trash & why more people don’t recycle. you go girl. you can make a difference…

IMG_2774-1 IMG_2730-1 IMG_2773-1

love you my little hippie girl. you are powerful.

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