homecoming 2015…


junior homecoming…


IMG_2291-1 IMG_2202-1 IMG_2453-1 IMG_2111 IMG_2150 IMG_2145 IMG_1964-1


getting ready…




ok. so this year felt different. it felt like she had a “real date” to this dance which was pretty cute to watch.

she went with Jack Brauer. when she told me his name I immediately screamed, “your going with Jack Bower from 24”!! she didn’t know the tv show so she had to look it up. ha. so yes, of course, everytime I see this poor kid I have to say, or yell…  “hi jack bower, 24”

everyone looked so beautiful & they were all having so much fun.

and of course, true to us, we couldn’t get thru the night without a few minor disasters. oh my word, she looked so pretty, I had just done her hair, she was finishing her makeup & I walked away for a minute. I came back & she had gotten makeup & lotion all over her beautiful dress. to say I was disappointed just might be the understatement of the year. her beautiful dress had stains all over it. I was pretty much ready to throw in the towel right there. but, I pulled it together. thankfully. because she looked gorgeous. no matter what.

we were in a little funk. we went to say hi to meme & papa & we were still early to meet everyone for pictures at her friend Juma’s house so we stopped at these railroad tracks for some pics. because who doesn’t get homecoming pics on the railroad tracks??!! ha.

so, on the tracks, she broke a nail. & then the kicker. she broke a shoe. at that point, after the dress being stained, the nail, the shoe. Mikayla & I, all we could do was laugh. like hysterically. I love you mik. I love that we move on from each & every little “disaster” & eventually, we laugh about it. hysterically.

you are gorgeous.

so, we had to quick go back to the house to find her new shoes, which ended up looking 100x better than the first ones anyway & then off to take pics with her friends before the big dance…

IMG_2004-2 IMG_1995-1 IMG_2055-1 IMG_1965-1 IMG_1968-1 IMG_1993-1 IMG_2037-1 IMG_2050-1 IMG_2032-1 IMG_2021-1 IMG_1940-2


when the shoe broke…

IMG_2070-1 IMG_2086-1 IMG_2091-1 IMG_2093-1 IMG_2074-1


daddy & his beautiful girls…

IMG_2101 IMG_2117 IMG_2113 IMG_2128 IMG_2130 IMG_2137 IMG_2136 IMG_2135 IMG_2140 IMG_2146 IMG_2151 IMG_2165 IMG_2209 IMG_2208 IMG_2267 IMG_2248 IMG_2289 IMG_2367 IMG_2373 IMG_2383 IMG_2371 IMG_2394 IMG_2401 IMG_2396 IMG_2411 IMG_2404 IMG_2409 IMG_2145

homecoming8 homecoming4 homecoming6 homecoming3

IMG_2325-1 IMG_2321-1 IMG_2317-1 IMG_2306-1 IMG_2304-1 IMG_2301-1 IMG_2337-1



IMG_2490-1 IMG_2480-1 IMG_2476-1

great memories. love all these kids but that one in the beautiful teal dress, yep. I love her the most.

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