I no will…

it might seem silly but I melt when Sophia says “I no will”

like, when I ask her not to do something, she says “I no will” but it is in her sweetest, littlest, cutest, most drawn out voice ever.

yesterday I asked her not to do something, I don’t know what it was, & she turned to me & said “I won’t mommy”

what??? I wanted to grab her & hug her & kiss her & tell her that she doesn’t need to learn proper pronouns yet. she is only four. I just want to hear “I no will” a few more times.

today I have asked her questions that she could answer with “I no will” & not once did she bite. she responded “I won’t mommy”. every. single. time.

last week I went to a meeting with her school teachers, counselors, therapists, specialists, etc….. & it was intimidating & scary & the whole time I just rubbed Sophia’s leg as I sat there & listened to them speak about my daughter & her pronunciation of words & her progress in counting & the alphabet & pronouns & sentence structure & rhyming skills & what felt like on & on & on.

I kept looking at my beautiful, smart, funny, imaginative, daring, wild, brave, bold little girl.

I kept thinking, she is four. she is smart. STOP. stop the pressure. on her. on me.

but I sat & I listened & I understand they are just trying to help.

& I appreciate that.

so I accepted their help & now my sweet little girl went from “I no will” to “I won’t mommy” overnight.

just another reminder. life keeps moving. day to day these little people grow & it is as it should be, I know that. so I am writing it down here…

I am thankful to watch her learn & grow & expand. I am nostalgic of yesterday.

IMG_5635-1 IMG_5517-1 IMG_5533-1 IMG_5578-1 IMG_5541-1 IMG_5566-1 IMG_5602-1 IMG_5532-1 IMG_5515-1 IMG_5557-1 IMG_5545-1 IMG_5513-1

IMG_5647-1 IMG_5535-1 IMG_5559-1

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