January. 2016…

January, 2016…



having some fun with my girl on our way to pick up Mikayla from her san diego trip…

IMG_8230-1 IMG_8242-1 IMG_8245-1 IMG_8247-1

IMG_8250-1 IMG_8252-1

IMG_8232-1 IMG_8234-1 IMG_8240-1 IMG_8213-1 IMG_8214-1 IMG_8215-1

IMG_8253-1 IMG_8258-1 IMG_8260-1 IMG_8263-1 IMG_8264-1

IMG_8216-1 IMG_8222 IMG_8227-1


the next day was full of relaxing. Mik was pretty tired from her trip & Sophia was just happy to spend some time with her sister!!

IMG_8347-1 IMG_8350-1 IMG_8351-1 IMG_8353-1 IMG_8362-1 IMG_8364-1

my little performer…

IMG_8265-1 IMG_8279-1 IMG_8283-1 IMG_8285-1 IMG_8288-1 IMG_8292-1 IMG_8274-1

IMG_8316-1 IMG_8398-1 IMG_8460-2 IMG_8366-1 IMG_8373-1 IMG_8387-1 IMG_8468-1 IMG_8453-1 IMG_8407-1 IMG_8317-1

a very cold, very early morning in January watching cartoons…


right now.


it had just snowed & it wasn’t 30 degrees below zero so we trecked outside for a bit…

IMG_8585-2 IMG_8589-1 IMG_8591-2 IMG_8594-1 IMG_8597-1

worked at 5 am this sunday morning, it was FREEEEEZING & I was tired but NOTHING was stopping me from getting tickets to see president Obama! Arthur had gotten their before us, he beat the line & saved us from having to stand in line, in the cold for an hour. thanks Arthur! when we left, the line was all the way around the building. not kidding!

IMG_8780-1 IMG_8785-1

biggs loves getting to ride along to pick up his girl from school…


just watching a movie on a Saturday morning…


IMG_8813-1 IMG_8793-1 IMG_8811-1 IMG_8796-2

this. this is everything. I posted this picture on IG & wrote, “someday when she has babies of her own, I hope she holds them just like this, every chance she get’s”

I hope she does.



another trip out to walk in the snow…


just dinner with my girls. & a unicorn, of course…


shower time. my beautiful girl.

we were getting her jammies on & I told her how beautiful she is. she looked at me, with a very serious expression & said “mama, beauty comes from the inswide” she proceeded to tell me that it is beautiful to love people & that everyone should love everyone. I almost cried. to hear her say these things, brings me to my knees. she is listening. all of those little, tiny conversations that we have, she listens.

yes my girl, you are beautiful & your heart is the most beautiful thing about you.

I appreciate you more than you can ever know.

another day I couldn’t help myself, I went to give her a big bear hug & told her I loved her so much I just wanted to eat her up. I may have hugged her a little hard & she looked at me straight faced & said “that is not wove, wove does not hurt” truly, I couldn’t believe my ears. I think Mikayla started crying too.

a few days or weeks before this I had been having a general conversation with Mikayla about dating & relationships. I know she knows this but you can never say it enough times to a teeneage girl, love does not hurt. don’t let anyone ever hurt you physically or emotionally. don’t let someone control you or try to take your spark. that is not love.

Sophia heard it & she remembered it & I am thankful for that…

IMG_9071-1 IMG_9082-1 IMG_9109-1 IMG_9088-1 IMG_9098-1 IMG_9107-2 IMG_9099-1

next night. bath time…

IMG_9282-1 IMG_9288-1

another of our snow filled days of the month…

IMG_9132-1 IMG_9129-1 IMG_9124-1 IMG_9123-1

Jarred moved to an apartment this month with a friend. I helped him move his stuff & I was pretty shocked to see what a nice place it is! that sounded bad, I don’t mean it bad. ha. I just mean I am proud of him. I like the kid he moved in with & I like that he is trying something new, on his own, working & like I always say… Just keep going.

Sophia & I were driving home from school one day, it was quiet & she said “I’m weally sad my brother passed away”  it was quiet again. did I just hear that? I told her no honey, mommy’s brother passed away, your brother just moved. it was quiet & then she says “oh, ok” just like that. the mind of a four year old. seriously. so as soon as we got home we called Jarred & she talked to him & told him she loved him & I could tell she felt better. she has talked to him a few times since & every time she get’s so stinkin happy!! jarred stopped over to say hi one night & grab a few more things. when he came in me, Mikayla & Sophia were dancing down in his old room, which is now my craft room & Sophia’s dancing room. it was pretty funny, he came walking in, shaking his head the way he does. so cute. so, we persuaded him to hang out with us for a few minutes…

so now, when she brings up jarred she says “he just moved, he is still a part of our family”  yes baby girl, perfect.

just watching the snow fall & spying on the neighbors…

IMG_9393-1 IMG_9394-1 IMG_9396 IMG_9400-1 IMG_9406-1 IMG_9408-1

I saw this beautiful sky out the back door & knew the sun set was going to be incredible, looked out the front window & the entire sky was on fire! luckily, my little adventurer was ready to jump in the car, drive to a field & chase the sun down with me…


IMG_9530-1 IMG_9528-1 IMG_9512-1 IMG_9465-1 IMG_9488-1 IMG_9495-1 IMG_9505-1 IMG_9463-1 IMG_9467-1 IMG_9458-1

dinner with the girls. yes. I don’t get out much. seriously, I don’t. such a fun night laughing hysterically with these ladies!!! love you Kathy. so much. thank you for having us over to celebrate mom’s birthday & just to let loose for a while.

IMG_9557 IMG_9567 IMG_9572 IMG_9576 IMG_9584 IMG_9594 IMG_9599

getting staples before the last big snow storm…

IMG_9629-1 IMG_9638-1

January 2016 in the books. a good month…



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