confessions of a co-sleeper…

confessions of a co-sleeper…


her first night before bed she was crying. she did not want me to leave her room. thru her tears she whispered “but, I will miss you” uhm. my heart melted & I almost scooped her up & brought her back to my bed but I stayed strong. I told her “Sophia, I have a secret for you & you can’t tell anyone, I am going to miss you too” & I meant it. in that moment I realized just how much it was THE BOTH of us holding on to her sleeping with us still. she whispered back  “i pwomise mommy, I wont tell anyone. I wove you”  then I rubbed her forehead, layed with her for a few minutes & walked to my room. she slept in that comfy new big girl bed of her very own all. night. long. like, until morning. she has slept in her bed every. single. night. since. that is almost 2 weeks!! she loves it. I love it.

she get’s up every night a couple times but now instead of laying down with her I just go in & tuck her in. tell her I love her & I will see her in the morning & sweet dreams. she says “ok mommy. sweet dweams to you too”

before her first night in her new big girl room we had a little dance party…

IMG_9675-1 IMG_9687-1 IMG_9689-1 IMG_9658-1 IMG_9660-1 IMG_9671-1 IMG_9672-1

her cute new room…

IMG_9696-1 IMG_9691-1

after her first successful night sleeping in her own bed we both got in on the celebration…

IMG_9708-1 IMG_9717-1 IMG_9718-1 IMG_9728-1 IMG_9734-1 IMG_9735-1 IMG_9729-1 IMG_9732-1 IMG_9704-1

I wanted her room to be an official big girl room so out with the old book shelves & in with a brand new desk that I built myself. I’m pretty proud of that silly desk & she loooooves it…

IMG_9763-1 IMG_9766-1

I love that we all love hanging out in here now. I think it helps her to feel more comfortable.

IMG_9854-1 IMG_9860-1 IMG_9855-1 IMG_9870-1 IMG_9872-1 IMG_9866-1 IMG_9871-1 IMG_9876-1 IMG_9847-1 IMG_9819-1 IMG_9814-1 IMG_9811-2 IMG_9803-1 IMG_9795-1 IMG_9771-2

probably my favorite part of her sleeping in her own bed, besides being able to sleep thru the night without getting kicked in the face, is that we read. every night before bed we read books, we laugh, she starts yawning, we tell stories. I love this time with her. I love to watch her become completely engrossed in the story & she asks questions & laughs & get’s sad for the characters & then so happy when everything is better in the story. love her love for this time.

yet another first for her & a last for me. last baby sleeping in my bed.


love you to the moon & back sweet girl…

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