after school…

one plays, one does homework. after school on a normal day…

shane & I call this “teenage angst & toddler angst”

it is real people!! ha. I don’t care how sweet & funny & smart & caring your teenage daughter is, there is angst involved. I think it is just a part of growing up & figuring out who we are. apparently, now we have a little toddler angst running around our house sometimes too.¬†telling us we hurt her feelings when we wont let her try to fly or let her turn into a talking cat or eat 3 million cookies…



IMG_1246-1 IMG_1227-1 IMG_1236-1 IMG_1235-1 IMG_1230-1 IMG_1234-1 IMG_1237-1 IMG_1249-1 IMG_1253-1

I have a feeling that when I get older & when they get older these are the things we are going to treasure the most. the photos of some random Monday in February, 2016. these moments of our real life that happen every day that seem so mundane, why document? because this is real life. this is our life. together, as a family. we laugh about silly things, we disagree, sometimes as a parent it feels like pulling teeth to get it all done. then, I slow down & see clearly, this is the good stuff. this is what matters most…

me, practicing with video.

her, homework & texting.

our little flutterby, fluttering.

my daughters.

love them to the moon & back.

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