conversations with my girl.

at the park…

her: do you like being a mommy?

me: I love being a mommy Sophia. I love it.

her: quiet. quiet. quiet…. but, do you like being my mommy?

me: tears. quiet…. oh my word Sophia, I love being your mommy. I know that you were brought to me for a reason. I was supposed to be your mommy. we were supposed to be together little girl.

her: oh, ok… quiet… I don’t want to be a mommy.

me: astonishment. quiet… well that is ok Sophia, not every girl has to be a mommy.

her: I don’t want to be a mommy because I just want to be your daughter.

me: ugly crying… I love you so much sweet girl.

her: I wove you too mommy.

this day you asked if you could be a cat. so I LIGHTLY drew whiskers on to your cheeks & you crawled around the house, meowing & slurping up your water from a bowl on the floor. I started working on the computer, noticed it had been quiet for a few too many minutes & went looking for you. this is what I found. you, with some pretty amazing whiskers & a black cat nose. love you so much little girl…

IMG_0819-1 IMG_0831-1 IMG_0835-1 IMG_0807-1 IMG_0809-1 IMG_0823-1 IMG_0845-1 IMG_0850-1

one day you decided you wanted to be a super hero. you haven’t taken off your “super hero outfit” since. my little super girl…

IMG_1753-1 IMG_1779-1 IMG_1765-1 IMG_1780-1 IMG_1794-1 IMG_1806-1 IMG_1808-1 IMG_1818-1 IMG_1809-1 IMG_1810-1 IMG_1824 IMG_1826 IMG_1827 IMG_1830-1 IMG_1831-1 IMG_1833 IMG_1835 IMG_1844 IMG_1847 IMG_1848 IMG_1853-1 IMG_1869-2 IMG_1877-1 IMG_1882-1

at the grocery store…

there were junior high kids at Hy-Vee by themselves.

her: where is their mommy?

me: well, they are older, they probably just walked here after school by themselves to get a snack.

her: quiet… they should be with their mommy. I will always be with my mommy. & why don’t you go shopping with your mommy?

me: half laughing… well I do still go shopping with my mommy sometimes.

her: oh. ok. why don’t you still live with your mommy?

me: I wish I did Sophia, I wish I could. ha.

her: I am ALWAYS going to live with my mommy!!

me: under my breathe… can I get that in writing.

you on a day where I let you dress yourself for school & didn’t interfere. I think you did pretty awesome…

IMG_1293-1 IMG_1300-1 IMG_1308-1 IMG_1333-1 IMG_1304-1 IMG_1359-1 IMG_1385-1

IMG_1448-3 IMG_1473-1 IMG_1483-1 IMG_1462-1 IMG_1454-1 IMG_1477-1 IMG_1459-1 IMG_1456-1 IMG_1448-2

there are so many more conversations baby girl. every day. I love seeing your personality come thru. love seeing your spirit shine baby girl.

you are now completely infatuated with your friend Lexi, our neighbor. it is funny because you look up to her & stare out your window, waiting for her to come home, the same way that Lexi used to do with Mikayla. now you are the younger little girl just wanting to play with the older, fun friend. I love how sweet Lexi is with you Sophia. sometimes a trip to the park can be just a trip to the park but sometimes, if I challenge myself to dig deeper, the things I see are priceless. love these moments with you baby girl. love savoring your dress blowing in the wind. you, figuring out how to get your own swing going. sliding down that bumpy slide 100 times & it looks like it hurts your little bottom but you don’t care. hugging your friend that you love so much. your hair blowing in the wind. on & on & on. all of it.

I want to remember it all…


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  1. Oh my love….how beautiful
    I love your photos and your writing❤️

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