sick days…

the first week of april. I had just come out of the fog from getting my tooth pulled & complications from that. I hadn’t left the house in a week, except to go to the dentist, literally. I knew I was feeling better because this day we got outside, just in our yard, I know, but that was a step in the right direction in me feeling better. and this little girl, in this sunlight, with this smile of hers. this made my day. of course, her cat whiskers, brave wig & prom dress are pretty much perfect to her personality too.

love you my little brave girl…


IMG_5670-1 IMG_5681-1 IMG_5678-1 IMG_5692-1 IMG_5676-1 IMG_5682-1 IMG_5671-1 IMG_5693-1 IMG_5694-1 IMG_5697-1 IMG_5688-1 IMG_5683 IMG_5687-1 IMG_5728-1 IMG_5724-1 IMG_5726-1 IMG_5749-1 IMG_5757-1 IMG_5752-1 IMG_5760-1 IMG_5750-1 IMG_5789-1 IMG_5793-1 IMG_5794-1 IMG_5797-1 IMG_5801-1

Friday April 15th. she was so tired when we got home from school, which is so unlike her. so reading & playing card games in bed was perfection. just so happens that at about midnight she woke me up, so very sick. poor baby girl. she was sick all weekend…


IMG_6074-2 IMG_6073-1 IMG_6082-1 IMG_6076-1 IMG_6084-1 IMG_6103-1 IMG_6074-1 IMG_6106-1

I picked up old maid & crazy 8’s card games at the store this day. she LOVES them. I remember loving to play these exact card games with my mom when I was little. love how hard she laughs if I pick the old maid card out of her hand… hysterical. I couldn’t have gotten these on a better weekend, being stuck in the house, her sick all weekend, this was the perfect way to spend our time…

IMG_6174-1 IMG_6159-1 IMG_6160-1 IMG_6161-1 IMG_6163-1 IMG_6157-1 IMG_6175-1

her in this light…

IMG_6148-1 IMG_6146-1 IMG_6147-1

Saturday afternoon. she was still so sick. it was torture, her friend was playing outside, it was so nice out & all she wanted to do was go play. I took her outside to get some fresh air, we were outside about five minutes & all she wanted to do was come back inside & lay down. that is a sure way to know that this little girl really does not feel good. she napped. she couldn’t eat. she could only sip her water or it would also come back up. little girl. so happy that today, Monday, you seemed to be feeling better & more like yourself again.

that first night, when she woke me up at midnight, she came into my room & said “something is wrong, something is happening, my tummy doesn’t feel right” oh sweet girl.

IMG_6184-2 IMG_6187-1 IMG_6188-1


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