a gift…


a daughter is a gift.

I have been editing pics from Mikayla’s 2016 prom & I cant help but feel, nostalgic. lucky. proud. pretty much, all the feels.

I cant help but think that yes, a daughter is a gift. but, a daughter that comes to you through family. a daughter that becomes your daughter through marriage. a daughter you never knew you had until one day she is 5 & she is here.

that is a gift.

the ultimate gift to be given. the chance to raise a beautiful, sweet, scared little girl into a beautiful, sweet, confident, smart, brave woman.

that is a gift.

now, this beautiful girl is close to being 17. I cant help but feel so lucky that we were brought together. my girl. we have been thru so much together.

life. all of it.

what would life have been like without her?  I cant imagine it.

I look back & I see, she taught me so much about love & giving & selflessness & laughter & tears.

this girl, she is a gift.

now I see how truly blessed I am that I can look at her & I can look at shane & say “we raised this beautiful girl”

what a gift to be given.

happy almost 17 sweet girl. you are amazing.

ok. just had to get that down. back to editing prom pics…

IMG_4909-1 IMG_4931-1

IMG_4879-1 IMG_4863-1

IMG_4871-1 IMG_4917-1

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