Mikayla & I had decided a few weeks before her birthday that we weren’t going to have a party. we figured, she is turning 17, that might be too old to have a big slumber party with your friends. a few days later I realized how sad I was about that. it would be the first year that we didn’t have a big celebration with her friends for her birthday.

and then I thought, why??? why is she too old to get together with her friends, outside of school & just be crazy & laugh & have fun. why is 17 too old? but really, why is 40 too old???? I want to have my closest friends over next year & eat cake & laugh & dance & have a slumber party!!!!

so, we decided to have some friends over for a cook out.

then it evolved. into something amazing!!!

it turned into her closest friends, coming over to eat & laugh & then get all dressed up in their prom dresses & go around town & dance & let loose & just laugh & be ridiculous & then come home, have a fire out back, do smore’s, set up the big tent that we borrowed from the neighbors & stay up all night laughing, telling stories, dancing, just being girls.

over & over this night as we were going from place to place the only thing I could think was, wow.

it was amazing to see these girls that I love just be silly & fun & themselves. they are surrounded by pressure at this age. from parents, teachers, school, friends, boys, coaches, band directors, college choices, life plans…. etc…. etc……

so to just take this time to be themselves. be young. be care free. be silly.

this meant the world to me…

these girls are amazing. each & every one of them…

I can not remember the last time I laughed so hard or felt so young!!!!!




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