you at five…

how do I even begin?

you are sunshine. spunk. wonder. amazement. innocence. growth. inquisitive. hysterical. sincere. sweet. loving. thoughtful.

you are one of a kind little girl.

you love your family, to pieces. you listen to every word, all of it, I watch you take it all in & you remember EVERYTHING. you will tell me a story about something that happened last year. it blows my mind.

you love to play card games. old maid. animal rummy. crazy 8’s. memory, which you always win. go-fish. you love them all & I am loving this stage with you so much baby girl.

you think about things I never imagine you will think of… last week you were crying because you don’t want to have to shave your legs when you get older.

you were crying because you don’t want to have to drive when you get older. you were crying because you don’t ever want to have live anywhere else but with mommy & daddy, you say that is weird that people don’t always live with their parents. you were crying because you don’t want to grow up & be at work all day & not be home to play with me during the day.

seriously Sophia, the things you think about blow my mind……………………………

well, it is now august 10th. your birthday was May 10th. so yah, I’m a little behind on my updating this space. you are now 5 years & 3 months.

your birthday weekend was awesome Sophia. we love you so much…

obviously your favorite part was THE CAR!! & of course spending time with all of your family.


it is august. you are five & that means that by certain standards you were supposed to start kindergarten this year. but, nope. I just couldn’t wrap my head around sending you to school from 8a.m. to 3:45 p.m. every day.

so, we decided to spend this year home-schooling. last night, the night that all of the other kids were getting ready for their first day, I was never happier that I had made the decision to keep you home. the thought of other people spending more time with you at this young age than I do, or your dad does, made me so sad to think of it! you getting home from school at 4 or 4:15. having to play a bit, make dinner, do homework (yes they give homework in kindergarten now) take a shower & then off to bed. no. I just don’t believe that that was the best thing for you this year.

I am so so so so so so nervous about screwing this up. I have no idea how to teach someone to read or write or add or subtract but you know what, we will figure it out.

I am terrified but I am also so very excited. to spend this time with you. to be able to watch you & help you learn these important things in life. to be the one to introduce these concepts to you & to watch that sparkle in your eye as you “get it”. yep, I am so excited.

I promise, I will give it my best Sophia.

happy 5th. birthday sweet girl. here is to a great year of learning & laughter & growing…



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