missing moments. march thru may 2016

little bits & huge moments in our lives. sometimes I want to write it all down, other times all I can do is just try to keep up with life. looking back now, there are so many little & big moments missing from this blog, from the record of our daily lives. this space, it holds everything I hold close in my heart & when I look back I hate to see the missing pieces. so, here they are…

March 8. meeting my mom & brother, Rocky at starbucks to have a little birthday celebration.

IMG_2472 IMG_2481

an early March, still kind of cool walk thru Chalco lake with my super girls…

IMG_2086 IMG_2107 IMG_2147 IMG_2163 IMG_2178-1 IMG_2193 IMG_2240 IMG_2243 IMG_2257-1 IMG_2266-1 IMG_2293-1 IMG_2336-1 IMG_2337-1 IMG_2339-1

the evening of March 9th…


this day Jarred & I had gone to the hospital to say good bye to my Grandpa Gomez. I didn’t want to go, I didn’t want to see him laying in that hospital bed, but my dad called me & asked me to come see him. I am so very thankful to my dad for that phone call. it meant so much to me to be able to say good bye. our family has been hurt so badly by sudden, unexpected death & to me, to be able to see my grandpa live out a long, amazing, full, inspired life & get the chance to tell him one more time how much I love him, that was special. my grandma was there of course, sitting in a room, waiting for the procedure to begin that would end my grandpa’s pain. she was of course heartbroken but jarred & I sat with her for quite awhile & just talked. she seemed very much in charge. she wanted to know exactly what was happening & when. my dad & uncles kept coming in giving her updates, juice, water, hugs & a few jokes. this woman in incredible. I asked her if she wanted to maybe leave to get some rest. I will never forget it, she looked at me & said “NO. I had the first dance, I will have the last”

I will never forget those words. ever…

March 14. the day of my grandpa’s funeral. it was beautiful & heart breaking & this man has left a legacy & a life story that most people cant even imagine. we love you grandpa…

IMG_2679 IMG_2696 IMG_2700 IMG_2687 IMG_2708

March 16, 2016. a little girls trip to Lincoln to the natural history museum. Sophia has been infatuated with dinosaurs for awhile now so we thought it would be cool for her to go see some real dinosaur bones. her reaction did not dissapoint. love this girl & love her love for life & learning & our little adventures…

IMG_5924 IMG_5925

IMG_5957 IMG_5967 IMG_5976 IMG_5979 IMG_5992 IMG_5995 IMG_5943 IMG_6035 IMG_6038 IMG_6036 IMG_6014 IMG_6020 IMG_6023 IMG_6051 IMG_6055 IMG_6059 IMG_6066

just reading books with her most favoritest, bestest big sister ever…

IMG_2378 IMG_2384 IMG_2385

march 26, easter… first of all I cant believe that easter is getting put into a post about moments I didn’t put here on the blog because, easter is my favorite. always has been & now as an adult passing those traditions is so important to me. the promise of a new beginning, a resurrection, a blooming of spring, new life. I love it all.  our night that we dye our easter eggs is always easter eve & after the ‘easter bunny’ hides them throughout the house. it has been that way since I was a little girl, as long as I can remember & I love that now my kids can say the same. it is a little weird though, this year it was just shane, Sophia & I, Mikayla had to work & jarred did too probably but he had moved out in January of 2016, so his easter eve dying eggs are probably over until he is married with kids of his own…

IMG_4138 IMG_4144 IMG_4158 IMG_4165 IMG_4168 IMG_4169 IMG_4175 IMG_4177 IMG_4178 IMG_4184 IMG_4186 IMG_4188 IMG_4193

IMG_4219 IMG_4224 IMG_4282 IMG_4274 IMG_4257 IMG_4253 IMG_4246 IMG_4295 IMG_4242 IMG_4307 IMG_4238 IMG_4216

IMG_4313 IMG_4322 IMG_4336 IMG_4339 IMG_4342 IMG_4348

easter morning, all of our baskets & our easter egg hunt in the house. this year we only left one un-found egg out in the house for about a week. ha.

IMG_4361 IMG_4357 IMG_4354 IMG_4358 IMG_4425 IMG_4421 IMG_4420 IMG_4400 IMG_4406IMG_4426 IMG_4396

IMG_4378 IMG_4388 IMG_4386 IMG_4394 IMG_4372 IMG_4366

IMG_4443 IMG_4452

the easter bunny was at church…


off to grammy mary & artie’s for easter dinner. these photos to me are proof that the photos before the photos are usually the best. I love that thru it all our family has found a way to keep our ties strong. to be there for eachother no matter how our family has changed. love them to pieces. they make me feel lucky.

IMG_4458 IMG_4461 IMG_4462 IMG_4464 IMG_4466 IMG_4467 IMG_4468 IMG_4470 IMG_4480 IMG_4502 IMG_4506 IMG_4508 IMG_4513 IMG_4526 IMG_4522 IMG_4519


an unseasonably warm, end of march day spent at the park with my girl & lexi, our little neighbor girl that Sophia loves so so much…

IMG_2535 IMG_2541 IMG_2543 IMG_2557 IMG_2559 IMG_2562 IMG_2563 IMG_2584 IMG_2586 IMG_2592 IMG_2603 IMG_2607 IMG_2608 IMG_2609 IMG_2611 IMG_2615 IMG_2616 IMG_2621 IMG_2626 IMG_2627 IMG_2633 IMG_2635 IMG_2636 IMG_2641 IMG_2643 IMG_2645 IMG_2646 IMG_2648 IMG_2649 IMG_2651

end of march. riding bikes with daddy up & down our street, over & over & over & over. she was in heaven…


IMG_2719 IMG_2720 IMG_2727 IMG_2712 IMG_2713 IMG_2715 IMG_2716 IMG_2729 IMG_2731 IMG_2736 IMG_2737 IMG_2738 IMG_2740 IMG_2750 IMG_2756 IMG_2760 IMG_2762 IMG_2763 IMG_2778 IMG_2796 IMG_2798 IMG_2808

April, rainy day shenanigans. basketball in the house & charging me 20 cents to get into my own living room…

IMG_3792 IMG_3810 IMG_3815 IMG_3847 IMG_3856-1 IMG_3774 IMG_3747 IMG_4048 IMG_4074 IMG_4078 IMG_4052 IMG_4007 IMG_4019 IMG_4021 IMG_4047 IMG_4114-1

I have to write this down. it may seem like nothing but it really is everything. this girl of mine, she lays out her clothes just like this every night. she calls it getting her morning clothes ready. love her sweet little actions & the things she thinks of & yes, I walked into her room this evening & found her clothes just like this. laid out so perfectly. love her…



Sophia started dance in April!! she loves it. this girl feels the music & I love the watch her dance. at home & in class…

IMG_6991 IMG_6992 IMG_6995 IMG_6997 IMG_6998 IMG_7005 IMG_7006 IMG_7007 IMG_7015 IMG_7017 IMG_7018 IMG_7026 IMG_7027 IMG_7036 IMG_7037 IMG_7039 IMG_7042 IMG_7043 IMG_7045 IMG_7046 IMG_7047

after her first dance class we went to the dance store to get the leotard & skirt she needed & to get her fitted for shoes & my mama heart almost exploded. she has been on break from dance for the summer but she starts back September 7th. & I am so excited!!

IMG_7064 IMG_7066 IMG_7067 IMG_7068 IMG_7072 IMG_7073 IMG_7078 IMG_7085

some day in april, mini golfing with my girls. let’s just say, we will not be going mini golf professional any time soon & oh my word!!! this just might be the most competitive bunch of putt putters I have ever played with. hahaha.

my favorite part. Sophia pouting because she wasn’t winning & alex & Sophia searching in the bushes for alex’s ball. haha. cuties…

IMG_8200 IMG_8202 IMG_8203

IMG_8206 IMG_8209 IMG_8232 IMG_8237 IMG_8247

Sophia’s next dance class. she got all of her gear & even better, her cousin Nova started classes with her!!! little sweeties…

IMG_7420 IMG_7418 IMG_7422 IMG_7426 IMG_7428 IMG_7431 IMG_7432 IMG_7433 IMG_7434 IMG_7435 IMG_7436 IMG_7442 IMG_7445 IMG_7446 IMG_7448

May, 11. just walking in the field up from the house in her new sparkly birthday dress that her meme & papa got her. it is now August, 3 months later & she wears this dress still every chance she gets…

IMG_7733 IMG_7734-1 IMG_7739-1 IMG_7752 IMG_7755 IMG_7756 IMG_7759-1 IMG_7775-1 IMG_7777 IMG_7779-1 IMG_7790 IMG_7791 IMG_7793 IMG_7797 IMG_7814-1 IMG_7815 IMG_7823-1 IMG_7828-1 IMG_7843

the day after her 5th birthday getting her 5 year physical. healthy!!

IMG_8111 IMG_8112 IMG_8113 IMG_8114 IMG_8116

just a day in may, playing in the shadows in the hallway & our favorite these days, playing cards…

IMG_8130 IMG_8136 IMG_8137 IMG_8139

IMG_8160 IMG_8172 IMG_8178 IMG_8180 IMG_8173 IMG_8181 IMG_8189

May 21. one of my dearest friends Mary & her husband happened to be in town for work. I couldn’t believe it when I found out she was here. we hadn’t seen each other in almost 13 years! I was actually nervous on the drive over to their hotel. but, of course, as soon as I saw her & gave her a hug, it was like we never had been apart. but seriously, how do you really catch up on so much life with someone that you used to see every day? so, so much life had happened to us both. happy & sad & tragic & love & loss & growth & mundane. all of it. but, talking to her reminded me why I love her in the first place. because she is still one of the strongest, thoughtful, fiercely loyal, protective, bad ass women I will ever know. I cant wait to see her again…


IMG_8724 IMG_8730

later that night was my niece Jenna’s  high school graduation party. her mom is my cousin but I don’t know, I guess I have just always thought of her as my niece.

the next day was my niece Alex’s high school graduation party. honestly, I don’t even have words for that.

IMG_8749 IMG_8755 IMG_8760 IMG_8763 avideo12 avideo13 avideo14 avideo15 avideo16

May 23. meeting grammy after her last day of preschool at Harvey oaks elementary for some treats & hugs…

IMG_8798 IMG_8799 IMG_8800 IMG_8803

swim day with the girls…

IMG_8805 IMG_8812

May 28th. my beautiful niece graduated high school. this. this was truly an emotional day. because I was just so proud of her but also because I know what a struggle it was for her, to go thru this moment without her daddy sitting there, with us, cheering her on. I know that he is so very proud of this beautiful, beautiful, thoughtful, woman…

IMG_8850 IMG_8957 IMG_8950 IMG_8942 IMG_8929 IMG_8906 IMG_8879 IMG_8861


IMG_8965 IMG_9089 IMG_9087 IMG_9086 IMG_9084 IMG_9034 IMG_8989 IMG_8974 IMG_8968


IMG_9147 IMG_9165 IMG_9168 IMG_9192 IMG_9183 IMG_9127 IMG_9121 IMG_9122 IMG_9124 IMG_9125 IMG_9232 IMG_9238 IMG_9133 IMG_9141 IMG_9151 IMG_9157 IMG_9158 IMG_9215 IMG_9220 IMG_9224 IMG_9207 IMG_9212

after the ceremony we gathered at our house for a little cake & homemade ice-cream (thank you grammy!!!) & to watch the video I had made for alex for her graduation.

and of course some sunset pictures up in the field…

IMG_9266-1 IMG_9271-1 IMG_9277-1 IMG_9297-1 IMG_9305-1 IMG_9309-1 IMG_9353-1 IMG_9355-1 IMG_9370-1 IMG_9371-1 IMG_9424-1 IMG_9445-1 IMG_9448-1 IMG_9455-1 IMG_9456-1 IMG_9457-1 IMG_9462-1

so, I cried the whole time I made this video, for obvious reasons. we miss him so much but day by day we relearn that we have to keep going. we have to laugh & we have to keep moving forward. I relearn every day that that does not mean he is forgotten, in any way. it means we are still alive. we are here & we are going to live every second to its fullest. squeeze every last drop out of every moment. tell our loved ones how much we love them every chance we get.

Alex picked the music, she gave me a USB with the pictures she wanted in her video. she even had a file telling me what grouping she wanted the photos in. I love that she cared so much about this video. I love that she will always have it to look back at when she needs to.

I love you so much my sweet niece…


we keep moving forward…

so that is the most of it. our lives march to may, 2016.



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