you know that feeling, when you know you are dreaming, the best dream & you can feel yourself beginning to wake & you don’t want to have to leave this beautiful dream. you close your eyes real tight & try to will yourself back into that time & place of your dream.

yep, that one.

usually those dreams I am with people that are only in my dreams now, in a familiar place & even in my dream I can smell that familiar smell & feel that we are someplace familiar.

I feel myself beginning to feel this way in real life. like, I know this moment is going to end, this time will end, over & over again & that moment will now only exist in my memory & someday this moment may be that dream that I dream that I never want to wake from.

all of those moments in the past that I thought my memory would never fail me on. I thought all of those moments would be so clear forever. but, there are just too many to completely remember them all. the small things from my own childhood & from my baby’s being born & growing.

I didn’t write throughout 2016 like I usually do. little stories about simple, ordinary moments here at home, the moments that I know mean the most to me & I am certain will mean the most to me in the future. it is ok, not going to beat myself up over the fact that I didn’t write it all down this year but by not writing it, I remember how important it is to me to have those little stories. the proof that i was there, we were there & it meant something.

i love putting these year end videos together, all of these tiny, small, seemingly insignificant moments all strung together to paint the picture of our lives together. like a dream i never want to wake from….



here is to more moments in 2017…

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