the beggining of 2017…



so, this year I have committed to trying to take a photo a day. a 365 day project. ok, so technically I decided on January 4th. to do this project so I guess it is a 361 day project but close enough. ha. but seriously, I am looking forward to making this project happen, even on the days where I am uninspired or tired, my plan is to follow thru with one photo of our everyday. I’m excited!

January 1-5, 2017

img_4322-1 img_4411-1 img_4325-1 img_4357-1 img_4503-1 img_4526-1


img_4547-1 img_4583-1 img_4584-1 img_4594-1 img_4668-1 img_4688-1 img_4712-1 img_4710-1

beginning the year with cold, cold weather so we are looking for all sorts of stuff to keep ourselves busy.

I am finally feeling more like myself after having surgery three weeks ago so it feels good to be able to do more of these little things with miss Sophia again. just trying to balance letting myself heal & getting back into doing more of my favorite things with my girlie, these things…

yogurt, ipad, coloring, stickers & alphabet practice at breakfast. of course some jumping on the bed always makes us smile. a little pretzel snack. setting up shopkins town & of course Barbie had to get her hair done.

simple, perfect, chaotic, messy, fun, quiet moments at the beginning of a new year.

nothing better.


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