I have been wanting to get Sophia a doll house for a while now but they are sooooo expensive. we set out the other day to stop at some thrift stores to try & find a book case or something that we could make into a doll house. we walked in to the first goodwill & saw this house sitting there!!! oh my gosh, we were so excited! it was attached to a weird big toy box that we knew we weren’t going to use so I asked the guy if I could just rip the house part off. ha. he didn’t care & I ripped the top off & we came home with our 9$ dollhouse!! it was painted orange & black so we just had to slap on a coat of white paint, we added some wall paper & cant wait to add more fun stuff to it. we went to hobby lobby to look at furniture but again, why is doll house stuff so expensive? grammy got Sophia a cute little crib & dresser for the babies room, we got a chair & a few things to make some tables for the house which we made today & I think they came out so cute, Sophia just has to paint them now & we just need to find a little shelf or something to add as a base for the house. honestly, I don’t know who is more excited about this silly dollhouse, me, Sophia or Mikayla?? ha.

img_4858 img_4860 img_4905-1 img_4868-1 img_4874-1

of course, we had to add some lights to it…

img_4930 img_4932-1 img_4945-1 img_4956-1

I think we are going to have some fun playing with this house!

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