Jan. 9-12, 2017…

still enjoying making sure I get my camera out for my photo a day.

bath time with my happy girl. I know that one day probably sooner than I would like, she will be showering on her own. these days too shall pass & I just want to be present for them while they are here…



Sophia got to go to build a bear which was her Christmas present from grammy. oh my word she was so excited! she had asked for a build a bear for Christmas, she just loved the process. picking her bunny, stuffing her, giving her a heart full of love to stuff inside of her & of course, picking out the outfits. Shelby, the girl who helped us, was the best!

img_5026-1 img_5037-1 img_5043-1 img_5057-1 img_5059-1 img_5071-1 img_5075-1 img_5091-1 img_5094-1 img_5096-1 img_5107-1 img_5120-2 img_5130-1 img_5123-1

she named her bunny Sophie. love it.

img_5134-1 img_5140-2

and a little blueberry muffin for Sophia & coffee for grammy & I afterwards…


img_5148-1 img_5152-1 img_5164-2

just a normal night at home, making dinner. I go back to work on Monday after being gone for 4 weeks after my surgery, I have so enjoyed this time spent at home, on these cold days, with my family. I know, I only work 20 hours a week, not a big deal. ha. but I really am a self proclaimed hermit, I’m ok with that.

img_5184-1 img_5266-1 img_5233-2


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