Jan. 18-20, 2017…

oh my gosh it was nice out today!! still a little chilly but it just felt great to get out & take a walk & get some fresh air…

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I love playing card games with her. we play most evenings after her bath. always old maid first, then go-fish, then animal rummy, then crazy 8’s… she usually beats me!! ha. this night we were playing old maid & she said “mom, you look like the old maid because you vacuum all the time” I may have gotten a little upset so she backtracked, a little… “no, you don’t look like the old maid, maybe just a little, when you close one eye & vacuum you look like the old maid, or a pirate” where does she come up with this stuff??!! haha,

love my little card buddy.

img_5409-1 img_5414-1 img_5416-1 img_5388-1 img_5400-1 img_5402-1

January 20, 2017. inauguration day for Donald Trump. I cant believe I just typed that sentence. I have so many emotions surrounding this day & I am trying to write them all up in a blog post, trying to get it down so my kids will know what side of history I stood on. well, they already know. but, I cant seem to make it thru writing that blog post, hopefully soon.

but, for the record…

I stand with people. I stand with all people. I stand with morality & kindness & truth. I stand with this planet. i stand with truth. real truth. i stand with science & facts.

I am not a big believer in alternate facts, especially when it comes to my children & the planet we will leave them.

anyway, I tried to stay away from the inauguration as much as possible because it made me so sick to my stomach. but, it beat me down.

at the end of the night Sophia & I watched a little ‘full house’ before bed & it was perfect to just sit there & laugh with my sweet girl…

img_5422 img_5421-1 img_5430-1

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