Jan-february so far…

well, not doing so hot keeping up to date with my daily posts. been doing pretty good with my photo a day, just not posting them, its ok, cant win them all. ha.

January 23…


just waiting on the cookies. my little cutie.

these blurry photos, these mean so much to me. I imagine that when Sophia is grown & our last child leaves the house to do amazing things, I imagine that this is what my memories will look & feel like. grainy, blurry, completely out of focus but full of emotion & love…

img_5678-1 img_5690-1 img_5673-1 img_5695-1 img_5697-1 img_5745 img_5735 img_5672-1 img_5637-1 img_5721-1 img_5709-1


January 26th. Happy birthday to mom!! I was going out to dinner with mom & art for her birthday, we had a really busy day that day & I told Sophia she would get to see grammy the day after her birthday, oh my gosh, the tears. she just melted into tears, she had to be able to wish her grammy a happy birthday & blow out the candles. so we made it happen & again I am reminded, this is the stuff of life. this is the stuff that makes life bigger & fuller & make it what it is.

happy birthday mom…

img_5791-1 img_5798-1 img_5800-1 img_5801-1 img_5802-1 img_5805-1 img_5810-1 img_5811-1 img_5812-1 img_5815-1 img_5817-1 img_5819-1 img_5822-1

a little bit of snow to end the month…

img_5750 img_5784-1 img_5783-1 img_5774 img_5753 img_5752

February 2nd.

not the best photos but I had to snap a few. Sophia found the little box of treasures that she came home from the hospital with. where does the time go…

img_6003 img_6035 img_6022 img_6017 img_6008

February 12

the weather got nice & we took our paints outside for the first time this year…

img_6115-1 img_6412-1 img_6422-1 img_6418-1 img_6431-2 img_6434 img_6431-1

trips to the park in February in Nebraska!! awesome….

img_6723-1 img_6729-1 img_6724-1

and a little car wash…

img_6791-1 img_6820-1 img_6818-1 img_6816-1 img_6814-1 img_6804-1 img_6803-1 img_6802-1

of course, starbucks…


and more park, February 22nd. 2 days before another big snow storm!!

img_7527-1 img_7530-1 img_7536-1 img_7542-1 img_7564-1 img_7557-1 img_7525-1

my little treasure collecter…

img_7510-1 img_7517-1 img_7518-1 img_7515-1

basking in the sun..

img_7565-1 img_7643-1 img_7631-1 img_7630-1 img_7629-1 img_7627-1 img_7598-1 img_7596-1 img_7595-1 img_7594-1 img_7592-1 img_7591-1 img_7590-1 img_7585-1 img_7577-1 img_7576-1 img_7572-1 img_7568-1 img_7566-1

February 25th. we went shopping for the last time for a prom dress for Mikayla. bittersweet moments for sure! we found the most beautiful dress this year, she truly is stunning & looks like a princess in this dress!! I imagine I will probably cry at prom this year…

and of course, dressing room shenanigans…

img_7655-1 img_7656-1 img_7657-1 img_7658-1 img_7659-1 img_7660-1 img_7661-1 img_7662-1 img_7662-2 img_7664-1 img_7665-1 img_7664-2 img_7663-1 img_7665-2 img_7667-1

last night, February 26th Sophia & I went to go see my cousin Lisa’s son Boston as Lord Faruaat in his high school production of Shrek at burke high school. he was AMAZING!! so happy we went to see this awesome show. Sophia loved it!

img_7683-1 img_7728-1 img_7720-1

well, that is it. up to date on photos. maybe not all of the emotions involved but, when I see the photos, I always remember the exact emotions I was feeling.

I guess that is why I love these photo a day projects. it brings to light all of those emotions that we go thru in one day, one hour, on minute, with a family of 5.

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