memories in motion…

end of February, 2017.

when I first looked at these photos, all I could think of was memories in motion. so that is what I will call this series.

this day, I asked her to put on a pretty dress & go jump on the bed for me so that I could take some fun photos. she looked at me straight faced & said she was busy!!! I mean really. she kills me. of course, about 10 minutes later she came out with a pretty dress on & asked me if I still wanted her to jump on the bed. haha. yes, little girl, of course I do…

I posted one of these on Instagram & this is what I wrote…

“give me grace. give me strength. give me quiet. give me peace. sometimes moments & emotions seem to swallow me whole. I let my emotions get the best of me. they make me feel like a child, I convince myself that I am watching my world crash around me, even when it’s not crashing down at all. why is it that when one thing in my life feels unbalanced, I cant seem to find my footing anywhere? I guess just one more reminder that I will forever be a work in progress…”

I have read this & re-read this & these words mean so much to me. these words are so true to who I am & how I feel right now.

forever a work in progress…

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