all in…

I poured my heart & soul into this one… the girl & the video. ha.

I spent a few months gathering photos, scanning photos, crying over photos, placing photos, finding the exact music with the right words & beat, making & re making this video.

it is like a time capsule for me. not only of Mikayla’s life but of our family’s life. the good times, the hard times, it is all in here. I remember every day just by looking at these photos, what was happening in our lives at that time & I love having it all together here, in one place.

things that struck me the most were, just how little Mikayla was when she came to live with us. she was 6, she was the age Sophia is now, she was still a baby. it hits my heart deep, how much of a change that was for her & all of us. Little did we know that all of our lives were about to change forever, in the best ways possible. We became us, if that makes sense.

I remember diving in head first. I remember the day that happened. it wasn’t spoken, I just knew & I am so thankful for that moment now. you know, when life is happening, you just do it. you do what you need to do to keep life going & then when you get to some sort of an “end” or resting point or point of reflection, like a high school graduation, you realize that although not every day was easy, you wouldn’t change a thing.

if I had it to do all over again, I would still go all in. I would love just as hard.

looking at this video makes my heart happy. makes me proud. makes me excited to build even more memories & even more years together.

I know that when you graduate high school you don’t realize what an accomplishment it feels like for your parents as well.

all of the early mornings getting everyone up & fed & out to where they need to be on time, after school pickups, homework, spelling tests, field trips, volunteering, practices, supporting from the audience, pushing, expectations….. all of it, every day.

as a parent, to watch all of your hard work pay off, to watch them succeed & move forward & to know that you had something to do with that, yep, that is an amazing feeling.

so all of you parents out there, working hard every day, please pat yourselves on the back. you deserve it!!!


Mikayla, I look forward to watching your journey. I know that you are going to thrive…… all my love, mom.


2 Comments on “all in…

  1. Mikayla was blessed to have you as her mother, the only mother she had to raise her, the only family she had. She was a lucky girl. It’s hard to be a stepmother but you were the mother who stepped up . You were there for her for all the band concerts, school programs, meals, doctors appts, dentists, counseling, all the photos and journaling and videos that you compiled for her. Be proud of yourself for all that you and Shane have accomplished. Sometimes things don’t turn out with our kids like we thought they would. I’m excited for you going back to school and Sophia starting school. I look at all these photos you have taken and I see all the love and thoughts you have input into them. I love you and I am so proud of the daughter and mother that you are❤️

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